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a candy that usually has a center of fondant or fruit or nuts coated in chocolate

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Try the Garden BonBons by Mouton as a fun gift for the gardener or chef.
There were coconut chips, sherbet fountains, slab toffee, plain and nutty, that the shopkeeper broke with a little hammer, liquorice comfits, the red ones were much prized by little girls who used them as lipstick, marzipan bonbons, raspberry ruffles, liquorice laces, all at twopence a quarter.
So if you're willing to shell out for your sweetheart, you can bet that they're going to get the best bonbons.
A une semaine de Achoura, nous vendons a la place des legumes, des dattes, des fruits secs et des bonbons.
Cocosia has a selection of chocolate bonbons with praline and ganache, infused with flavours ranging from earl grey and jasmine, to yuzu, fleur de sel and fruits.
It's best to dip into this disc as you would a collection of bonbons - there are plenty of flavours,from the lush romanticism of Ivre d'amour ("Intoxicated with love") to an incenseladen Ave Maria via the sombre Twilight.
Choose from yummy flavours like fizzy cola bottles, chocolate mice and strawberry bonbons.
Folk loved Bonbons, Rhubarb and Custards, Chocolate Limes, Aniseed Twists, Sarsaparilla tablets and Merry Maid caramels.
Besides its popping "firecracker" bars, Chuao makes elegant bonbons like the silky Chevere--zingy goat cheese and Pear Williams liqueur.
L'association de la communaute musulmane de Leh a installe un stand au coeur de la ville et des volontaires se relayaient hier dimanche pour mettre dans des petits sachets des bonbons envoyes par des habitants de New Delhi et destines a 2.
The desserts section brings tasty options like Chocolate-Sesame Bonbons and Luscious Live Pie.
CLASSICAL: An all-French programme from the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra tonight with Bonbons, featuring Bizet's Suite from L'Arlesienne, Ravel's Piano Concerto and Valses Nobles et Sentimentales, and Three Pieces from Romeo and Juliet by Berlioz.
Next find some gorgeous old fashioned sweets - lollies, jelly beans, bonbons, sugar mice and most importantly candy letters.
Picking over celebrity scandals like so many bonbons, Kathy treats "her gays" to a steady diet of delicious morsels.
I found myself particularly tickled by the following lines: "Leftover bonbons were thrown to the chickens / and geese, who squawked like the very Dickens.