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a candy that usually has a center of fondant or fruit or nuts coated in chocolate

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He did praise his "perfectly cooked" pork and "amazing" bonbon, and despite his visible disppointment, not all is lost for the dad-to-be.
BonBon ends up in the Supreme Court after attempting to reinstitute slavery and segregation in the local school as a means of bringing about civic order.
Cecile Matton and Serge Majoullier, the perfumers behind the original fragrance, created Bonbon Couture.
The ingredients of the disputed product, BonBon Noire, Evropa representatives say, have been the same for 50 years and were registered in an Evropa catalogue for the first time in 1982.
The new Bonbon Eau de Parfum has a creamy, caramel accord for a melt-in-yourmouth spritzing moment, from PS50 for 30ml (www.
Pochet du Courval worked with the creative team from Viktor and Rolf fragrances to produce the unique Bonbon shaped bottle for the brand's latest fragrance (please see more at BeautyPackaging.
It had been a year since her 81/2-year-old Chihuahua, Bonbon, had gone missing in Worcester.
Een varken houdt een eikel heel precies voorin zijn bek, zoals ik me voorstel dar een dame in een literaire salon een bonbon eet terwijl ze luistert naar een jonge dichter.
VINTAGE showgirl Bettsie Bonbon is performing in An Evening Of Burlesque with her girl troupe, The Folly Mixtures.
Danedrop is out of the Listed-placed Rose Bonbon, a High Top daughter of the accomplished Rothschild mare Lady Berry.
The bonbon, a chocolate-encased plastic capsule with a toy inside, is sold worldwide, but importing one into the U.
Madame Bonbon gives Madeleine some sweets that have a most unusual effect.
AR July 2009) documents high-rise slum squatting, while an expensively staged spectacle of the works of French star Dominique Perrault will open in September - a surprise bonbon only announced at the festival opening.
We have not received any report of any Americans involved in the Abu Sayyaf Group's ambush in Bonbon village in Patikul, Sulu last Saturday," said Armed Forces Chief of Staff General Alexander Yano.