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Synonyms for bon vivant

bon viveur

Synonyms for bon vivant

a person devoted to refined sensuous enjoyment (especially good food and drink)

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Like their Los Angeles counterparts Sparks, the group was ahead of its time--smart-mouthed, vintage suit--wearing bon vivants in an era of safety pins, leather jackets, and art school dropouts.
Owning a pub may be high on the wish list of bon vivants -but it could help to lubricate the tax planning process for wealthy individuals.
A group French chefs, food writers, and other bon vivants has petitioned the pope to remove "la gourmandise" from the list of the Seven Deadly Sins.
The new elite consisted of artists, writers, actors, fashion mavens, bon vivants, coffeehouse habitues, the flamboyantly self-made, the momentarily memorable and the famous-for-just-being-famous.
After Four Saints' premiere, art dealers and bon vivants Julien Levy and Kirk Askew were both reduced to tears, saying that they "didn't know anything so beautiful could be done in America.
Raucous party features Carlos Villa, Karen Finley, Penelope Houston, Debora Iyall, and cocktails by The Bon Vivants
Playing the role of savior is the Ne Timeas Restaurant Group (the guys behind the perpetually mobbed Flour + Water and Central Kitchen), with a cocktail assist from their Mission District neighbors The Bon Vivants, who run the equally trendy bar Trick Dog.
Finally, Variety's Madrid correspondent John Hopewell recalls a period of Dionysian bliss in postwar Spain when Hollywood bon vivants freely mixed business with pleasure, and used the sun-drenched locations as as an escape from the fishbowl of Hollywood.
Mandella watches bon vivants like Bob Baffert, trainer of Kentucky Derby and Preakness winner Silver Charm, with envy.
After all, it's hard to imagine a business enterprise as complicated as, say, your neighborhood candy shop continuing to operate with the budgetary bon vivants the U.
Here, leading bon vivants reveal their lave spots just outside of Cannes.
Most of the evening's pleasure lies in spotting familiar songs in zunfamiliar, yet psychologically potent contexts and in watching these bon vivants smile through gritted teeth as they vent their fears, desires and self-deceptions.