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Synonyms for bon vivant

bon viveur

Synonyms for bon vivant

a person devoted to refined sensuous enjoyment (especially good food and drink)

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The new elite consisted of artists, writers, actors, fashion mavens, bon vivants, coffeehouse habitues, the flamboyantly self-made, the momentarily memorable and the famous-for-just-being-famous.
After Four Saints' premiere, art dealers and bon vivants Julien Levy and Kirk Askew were both reduced to tears, saying that they "didn't know anything so beautiful could be done in America.
Raucous party features Carlos Villa, Karen Finley, Penelope Houston, Debora Iyall, and cocktails by The Bon Vivants
Mandella watches bon vivants like Bob Baffert, trainer of Kentucky Derby and Preakness winner Silver Charm, with envy.
After all, it's hard to imagine a business enterprise as complicated as, say, your neighborhood candy shop continuing to operate with the budgetary bon vivants the U.
23, 1998--One of Hollywood's most famous bon vivants has found the perfect part.
hotel guests, bon vivants, and the community at large are invited to a Grand Opening Celebration in the courtyard for cocktails and a tour of the hotel.
Most of the evening's pleasure lies in spotting familiar songs in zunfamiliar, yet psychologically potent contexts and in watching these bon vivants smile through gritted teeth as they vent their fears, desires and self-deceptions.
New gastronomic travel endeavor offers foodies and bon vivants luxury tours of the world's top tables
The magazine targets the creme de la creme, the captains of the industry, the movers and shakers, the hipsters and bon vivants alike.
Unconventional Pairings: tips on navigating those reconcilable differences for: the interfaith couple, the same-sex couple, the bilingual, multi-racial couple and the fractured-family couple * The dress: choices for the traditionalists, romantics, bon vivants, mavericks, bohemians, jet set and preppy bride * The wedding day accessories: finding the right shoes, jewelry, veil -- at every price point * The Food: 22 different hors d'oeuvres for all appetites.
metro area for his unique style of infusing diverse flavors into contemporary Mediterranean-inspired cuisine, Morel brings more than 15 years of experience to the newest venue for South Florida bon vivants.
This limited seating dinner, held in the Villard Ballroom, is a rare opportunity for bon vivants, champagne connoisseurs and art lovers to celebrate this landmark year with the leading principals of Perrier Jouet.