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Synonyms for bon mot

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One hopes that all commentators (even the most exalted) review their tapes after racing and note how competently they have actually identified horses for us - instead of chuckling at their latest bon mot or working on their next.
Rumsfeld's famous bon mot, "You go to war with the army you have, not the army you might want or wish to have at a later date," most industry people declared themselves satisfied that we did as well as we could--this time.
Stacy Schiff's balanced sentences, which casually incorporate a bon mot as if it were another comma, build into paragraphs with climaxes, into chapters with yet stronger climaxes, and build finally into the tragic climax of St.
The Church--sharing Calvin's bon mot, "There is no perfection this side of heaven
Some of us prefer to believe that it was a clever bon mot invented after the event, thus creating this myth which is about to be perpetuated by the proposed statue in Denbigh.
You have to be impressed with Michael Westen's (Jeffrey Donovan) chipper disposition: In "Burn Notice," he's a former spy who has no idea why the CIA cut him loose and froze his assets; people routinely want to kill him, and yet, he's always good for a pithy, deadpan bon mot.
Might the bon mot barometer reflect the number of times each justice speaks?
On the other hand, a bon mot or clever turn of phrase here and there does a great deal to enliven the narrative.
Concerns get sloganized and resloganized, as if the perfect bon mot could change the world.
First, I must issue the requisite disclaimer: Bob Birnbaum asked me to contribute a bon mot for this volume, and I remember sending him one or two, but I swear I cannot remember which ones they were.
Like the images, his words masterfully display the art of the deliberate accident: puns, overheard conversations, witticisms, with a soupcon of insight that endures after the smile of the bon mot fades.
A routine so badly scripted it would surely have gone down in history had Lineker not followed it up with an even worse one with Claudio Ranieri - that well known master of the bon mot (as long as it's in Italian).
Such combinations were powerful: he would lovingly support a young architect or student who he would feel to be sincere and engaged, but he could waspishly send a bon mot out to a member of the audience who was leaving early.
Broadcast reporters and talking heads in search of le bon mot often imitate Mr.
As for the religious experience versus doctrine comparison, that was a Joseph Campbell bon mot.