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a sighting device in an aircraft for aiming bombs

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I picked up the Konz Karthaus railway bridge south of Trier, Germany (the target) in my bombsight telescope.
HG: So if you needed the bearings for the bombsights, they would take precedence over other bearings.
While the efficacy of the Norden bombsight remains disputed, perhaps the most rewarding return on Miricks radio-control system was in gradually "unmanning" targets, making it possible for ships, aircraft, and submarines to attack realistically maneuvering targets with minimal risk to Navy personnel.
He said that all he was 'after' was the bombsight from the aircraft, which he recovered.
11) Under ideal conditions at 21,000 feet, a B-17 bombardier using the Norden bombsight might place one bomb out of all that he dropped into a 100-foot diameter circle surrounding the center of the target--and conditions in combat would rarely be ideal.
AN inventor comes up with a revolutionary bombsight which could swing the outcome of the war - but dark forces are at work.
There are bombs in the bomb bay, radios in the radio compartment and the famous Norden bombsight rests in the Plexiglas nose.
General Arnold was a true visionary: in 1938, he approved the first order of B-17s, and he was pushing the development of radar and the Norden bombsight.
Bomb aimer Tom Ferebee put his eye to the bombsight, searching for the Ota bridge - his aiming point.
An observer (center) leans over the fuselage of an aircraft to use a Mark 1-A bombsight, the first one designed for aircraft use.
As he pulled up and gained altitude, a large factory loomed in the plane's homemade bombsight.
Inside that vault were all the records and plans for the Norden bombsight, touted by Air & Space military magazine as ``a war-winning piece of equipment so valuable that bombardiers were asked to guard it with their lives.
On display are numerous electronic parts and devices and high-tech innovations such as the Norden bombsight and an infrared sniper scope.
The cryostat-cooled cameras deployed in BASES will be positioned in a bombsight configuration with a TV camera in a 15-ft-long, 22 in.