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Synonyms for bombproof

a chamber (often underground) reinforced against bombing and provided with food and living facilities

make safe against bombings

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able to resist the explosive force of bombs and shells


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Quevega looks bombproof in the David Nicholson Mares Hurdle (4.
But earlier this year it emerged eight of Mr Blair's team had switched to the trendy Toyota Prius, and last month it was revealed the Prime Minister had ordered a bombproof BMW.
Earlier this year it emerged eight of Blair's team had switched to the Toyota Prius, and last month the Prime Minister ordered a bombproof BMW.
Nevertheless, there is an almost unshakable faith within the ranks of IT that: this time the code will be bombproof, the backup will work flawlessly, the RAID system really does what it says in the brochure.
He believes the three-storey, 140,000-square foot bombproof bunker is a great business opportunity and he's pitching the property to global telecom companies as a secure data storage facility connected by a large fibre-optic pipe.
Shapes and sizes range from a 13 3/4-inch round to a 12 1/2- by 17 1/4-inch rectangle, so there's a tray to fit any need--and they're as durable as those bombproof cafeteria trays from school.
It closed in 1995 with the loss of 500 jobs, and on the abandoned 1,000-acre site, hundreds of sheep now graze by the well-hidden entrances to the 58 bombproof tunnels.
Models are offered in all sizes and several styles, but when buyers want weapon-like heft, bombproof construction, and an adjustable spot-to-flood beam, the four D-cell and four C-cell models are perennial favorites for larger and smaller hands.
New York state is looking into bombproof trash cans as one more defense against terrorists.
Sophie Raworth and the team test out a unique bin, which the makers claim is bombproof - if it is a success, it will be invaluable for safe use in airports and stations.
When he refers to "defensive architecture," Ciardullo scoffs at the bombproof facilities that were built in the 1960's for low-income tenants.
But cast iron's virtues are hard to dispute--it seasons well, distributes heat evenly, and is all but bombproof.
It was also informed to the Minister that the construction of bombproof wall on the all four sides of the Central Jail is underway.
KARACHI -- While accepting that there are posed great threats to the prisons of Karachi, Inspector General Jail (IG) Sindh, Nusrat Hussain Manghan on Monday said that security around the city's jails has been tightened whereas work on bombproof walls around the prison is underway.