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military bombed an air raid shelter, killing 400 to 500 men, women, and children who were huddled to escape bombs.
Robert Jackson, in his air War Over Korea, describes how the communists regularly bombed our airfields at night with Russian Polikarpof-2 Biplane Trainers.
Workers at Kashirskoye Shosse [another bombed apartment building], meanwhile, began clearing the rubble from the site as early as September 13--the day of the bombing.
Exaggerated propaganda by Yugoslav authorities and total denial by NATO have made it difficult to accurately assess the dangers posed by bombed chemical and oil facilities.
Nobuo Fujita, a Japanese pilot who flew bombing runs over Oregon in 1942, apparently the only time that an enemy aircraft has ever bombed the American mainland, died Tuesday at a hospital near Tokyo.
The thirty-one prisoners and nine guards massacred on orders of New York Governor Nelson Rockefeller in the Attica uprising; the eleven MOVE members, five of whom were children, killed in a fire after their homes were bombed by Philadelphia police; the eighty-six Branch Davidians, including twenty-four children, who died at the Waco compound in an attack ordered by the Clinton Administration; the African immigrant murdered by a gang of policemen in New York--all of these events had explanations that, however absurd, are dutifully given time and space in the media.