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Remove bombe from freezer and place underside of bowl in hot water 15 to 20 seconds.
Sobota said the tops were intentionally understated to add emphasis to the bombe shape beneath them.
Chef Josef Procak at Hodges Restaurant serves up a starter of prawn and crayfish salad, left, and a lemon meringue bombe for dessert, centre PICTURE: Matthew Horwood[umlaut] * Fish of the day was hake served with asparagus at Hodges Restaurant, Cardiff
The Bombe follows Gu's very strict code of conduct--it uses supreme quality ingredients and looks as if it has been prepared by chefs, so is ideal for those 'I made it myself' moments, as well as guaranteeing an intense chocolate hit," said Gu's marketing manager Becs Hurwitz.
Place the bombes seam-side-down on the sheet pan and gently press down to seal.
Selon un responsable du ministere de la Sante, la serie d'attentats a fait un mort et de nombreux blesses dans l'explosion de la premiere bombe devant une pizzeria.
Kirkuk/ NINA/-- consecutively went off on Thursday morning in midtown Kirkuk, an improvised explosive device and a car bombe killing and wounding undetermined number of policemen and civilians , a police source stated .
The Gu Bombe au Chocolat could be described as a cake but think more gu than sponge and you are getting the idea.
Turing Bombe machines cracked 3,000 enemy messages a day and are said to have shortened the war by two years thanks to the secrets they uncovered.
Au moins 20 personnes sont mortes mardi apres-midi lorsqu'une bombe larguee par un avion [beaucoup moins que] non identifie [beaucoup plus grand que] est tombee sur une ceremonie funeraire dans un village du sud-est du Niger, frontalier avec le Nigeria.
But this recipe takes our standard Xmas pud and turns it into a frozen delight, a bombe, mak-mak ing it a lighter, cooler alternative to all that stodge.
Un attentat a la bombe a fait 16 blesses hier dimanche a Jalalabad, une ville dans l'est de l'Afghanistan touchee la veille par un attentat-suicide pres du consulat indien, ont indique les autorites.
The source said a third incident occurred when a planted bombe went off on the road side in Dora district southwestern Baghdad this morning wounding two civilians damaging several shops.
The original Turing Bombe machines cracked 3,000 messages a day encoded by the Nazi Enigma machines.