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an area in a town that has been devastated by bombs

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State television showed pictures of a huge crater at one of the bomb sites and pools of blood on surrounding pavements.
The paramedic who saved the life of the most seriously injured survivor of the 7/7 attacks says more ambulances should have been sent to the bomb sites.
The author was born in 1941 during an air raid, and he played in bomb sites while growing up in London.
Both men ran towards the bomb site and fought their way through intense flames to help rescue the wounded and carry them to safety.
Without exception, at every bomb site investigated, people are ill.
A-bomb survivors in Nagasaki Prefecture living outside the area designated as the official bomb site still show signs of mental and physical problems relating to the bombing, a health ministry research group reported Monday.
A COMPUTER boss paid soccer idol David Platt's building firm pounds 750,000 for a dream home - and got a bomb site.
A tape recording emerged that indicated police knowingly ordered security personnel from the bomb site minutes before the blast tore through the complex.
The pile of floral tributes grew near Duke's Bar, just inside the police cordon and almost opposite the bomb site.
We are by far the most open, inviting target for spies on the planet, and Moynihan provides a laundry list of what has been lost: the Norden bomb site, designs of the first nuclear weapons, the cracking of Soviet codes, and the lives of key U.
The streets surrounding the bomb site were strewn with glass and rubble and streaked with blood.
There's nothing worse than having a party at your house and then getting up the following afternoon to find the whole place looks like a bomb site, with mum and dad due back any minute.
For example, at the Baltic Exchange bomb site, workers cleared 500 tons (1 million pounds) of glass shards and debris from the street.
Other filtering products involved in the effort to enable bomb site filtering are Microsystems' CyberPatrol(tm), Solid Oak Software's CyberSitter(tm) and InterGO Communications' InterGO(tm).
As predicted Birmingham will look like a bomb site when this is replicated.