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a chamber (often underground) reinforced against bombing and provided with food and living facilities

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We hear the alert sound once more and follow a group o soldiers and locals into a bomb shelter behind a bus stop.
BOOM & BUST Home's huge hole after Israeli strike on Rafah; VICTIM Hayiah Hamdan, four, is buried after strike; WRECKAGE Mirror man Parry in the Maman home; REFUGE Citizens and soldiers hide in a Sderot bomb shelter
Four teams of five people have 90 days to construct a bomb shelter on an island.
The teacher asked us to stay in our place, because we were already in the bomb shelter and there's no where to go.
An interview with the members of Crystal Method, for instance, had this reviewer grinning as the unexpectedly articulate musicians discuss their personal bomb shelter and having to tell their parents about their band name.
31, 1999, we'll be cuddled up in the bomb shelter with our Princess Y2K Bugs, a couple of too-cute stuffed animals that pose the inevitable question: ``Why didn't we think of this first?
Located in the center-west of the Greenwich Village park (near the dog run), it was a wooden replica, built to exact specifications, of the sort of bomb shelter that dots Sderot and other towns near Gaza.
Underneath his kitschy suburban tract home, Calvin has built the world's most elaborate bomb shelter, equipped with a supermarket-style food storage room, trout farm and lawn chairs that look up to a blue concrete sky.
Blast From the Past Brendan Fraser plays a man who has spent his whole life in a bomb shelter.
At first glance, Marcus (Brendan Sexton III) seems just another East Village punk, shoplifting and hell-raising and hanging out with his buddies in an abandoned, underground bomb shelter.
But while they're stocking up on provisions and checking out the town's bomb shelter, they're blissfully unaware that evil has arrived in the shape of a nameless nutter.
The 2-1/2-acre studio on Wonderland Avenue is now a private residence - perhaps the only one in Los Angeles with its own personal bomb shelter, helicopter pad, two underground parking garages, three screening rooms and 17 climate-controlled film vaults.
The building was built so strong that in the '50s it was used as a bomb shelter,'' said Laurel Thorel, acting facilities manager.
All that psychic stuff is strictly Hollywood,'' McNamara says, leaning back in his government-issue chair inside his government-issue office, tucked deep in what was, in another era, a bomb shelter.
For example, this video showed a group of people putting their children into a storm drain as a makeshift bomb shelter.