bomb calorimeter

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strong sealed vessel for measuring heat of combustion


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Bomb calorimeter is used to find higher calorific value of solid and liquid fuels.
Pellets were combusted in a Parr Model 1261 bomb calorimeter according to procedures outlined in the Parr Instruction manual (Parr Instrument Co.
Following a steady stream of requests from established customers, analytical instruments such as an atomic absorption spectrophotometer, bomb calorimeter, and gas chromatographs - FID, ECD, and tritium source have been purchased.
Tenders invited for Supply, installation, commissioning, guarantee, training of microprocessor based digital bomb calorimeter with spares and consumables as per the specification given in annexure-1, at heavy water plant, baroda.
A bomb calorimeter is used to determine the total amount of energy present in a given sample of wax.
The most common calorimeter is the bomb calorimeter, which determines the heat of combustion or calorific values of materials in a constant-volume container-a bomb.
Before long he built a room calorimeter for human studies, as well as a bomb calorimeter for systematically measuring the energy values in foods themselves.
Most exercises seem to be set up correctly, though in the bomb calorimeter, the bomb can only be fired while the oxygen gas supply is open - a rather dangerous procedure.
Tenders are invited for Procurement of spares for auto bomb calorimeter
Tenders are invited for Amc for 6200 parr bomb calorimeter as per specification hemrl/srp/qclab/232 qty.
Model 1266 Oxygen Bomb Calorimeter is now menu driven and features direct connections for computers, balances and printers.
Tenders are invited for Procurement of Automatic Bomb Calorimeter alongwith accessories for coal sampling laboratory of different Thermal Power Station of MPPGCL.