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a small round soft mass (as of chewed food)

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a large pill

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A spike in reports of severe allergic reactions in patients receiving bolus injections of heparin made by Baxter Healthcare Corp.
In the single bolus analysis, every swallow was initiated with 3 mL of water positioned on the tongue with the tongue tip touching the upper incisors as parameters were measured.
2] were administered on day 1 of weeks 1 through 6 via bolus infusion following oxaliplatin administration.
In contrast, among the 10 patients in the pilot trial for the new protocol, 9 (90%) received optimal bolus doses.
Bolus chaired his first meeting of EMAC a few weeks ago, at which MacLaurin was present.
Bolus would not talk about the row yesterday but the county officials who elected him are furious at reports that Lloyd's pounds 75,000-a-year contract was paid up in full.
But Bolus, the former Notts and England opener, refused to discuss his clash with MacLaurin.
6]) as a single oral bolus (20 mg/kg body weight) or fed a diet containing 100 mg BPA-[d.
As a follow-up, the current study investigated the effect of specific combinations of bolus volumes and time intervals to determine which is optimal.
A soluble glass bolus has been developed for sustained release of cobalt, copper and selenium in ruminants (McDowell, 1992).
Suspecting an inadequate plane of anaesthesia due to the sudden increase in the surgical stimulus, a bolus of 25 mg propofol was set to be delivered immediately.
This study began development of a standard method to evaluate swallowing recovery after stroke based on a definition of dysphagia derived from three domains: bolus timing, bolus direction, and bolus clearance.
Walsh calls "the 500 rule," in which dividing 500 by the TDD gives the number of grams of carbohydrate that can be covered by 1 unit of bolus insulin.