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important food fish of the Nile and other rivers of Africa and Asia Minor

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One comic strip in Bolti Lakeerain, for example, shows a mother watching the news of a bomb blast on television and worrying about her daughter who is late from school.
Learning Tolerance from the History - Bolti Tareekh Bolti Rawadari was the key theme of the field visits of students coordinated by ITA in each target districts to the historical monuments which were accessible and safe.
3]Chasing Usain Bolti is a 15-minute glimpse at the Jamaican sprinter as he prepares for the Olympic Games.
A detailed map, or a low-level aerial photograph, with scale, of the sheep farms at Sel, Bolti, and Haeoir (Ragnar's farm) would have aided the reader (cf.
14) El epigrafe completo en uno de los manuscritos es <<Epitafio de Quevedo a Julio el librero>>, en otro <<Epitafio al sepulcro de un caballero italiano que se llamaba Julio Bolti, y era muy inclinado al mal vicio, que lo son los demas de su nacion italiana.
Prized among these are three still whole objects with a distinctive wavy blue, yellow, and white pattern--two standing vessels and a flask in the shape of a bolti fish, a common source of food as well as a symbol of bounty, transformation, and rebirth.
Imran's Restaurant, based in Ladypool Road in the heart of the city's world-famous Balti Triangle, has now created The Birmingham Bolti in honour of Bolt.
The simple and unfussy comics reproduced in Bolti Lakeerain - a book published by the collaborative efforts of Sharad Sharma (India) and Nida Shams (Pakistan), under the banner of World Comics Network - Pakistan, are a testimony to the strength of conviction that awareness and expression of problems can bring about a social change through art at the grassroots level.
Bolti Lakeerain is a 100-page, soft-cover collection of some of the numerous comics done in black ink, and gathered together during the last five years.
WHAT IT IS ABOUT: As the full title of the show -- Shorr: Goongi Kankoo Ki Bolti Kahani-- suggests, the story is about a girl named Kankoo who can't speak.
HumairaEoe1/4aos Mein Nahi Bolti sent the crowd out of their senses as the lyricsEoe1/4ao effects under the influence of her voice were mind-numbing.