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important food fish of the Nile and other rivers of Africa and Asia Minor

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One comic strip in Bolti Lakeerain, for example, shows a mother watching the news of a bomb blast on television and worrying about her daughter who is late from school.
ASHITA Dhawan won a huge fan base thanks to her Malti Bhabhi act on Bidaai , and her trademark dialogue: " Jhooth toh main bolti nahi ".
Learning Tolerance from the History - Bolti Tareekh Bolti Rawadari was the key theme of the field visits of students coordinated by ITA in each target districts to the historical monuments which were accessible and safe.
3]Chasing Usain Bolti is a 15-minute glimpse at the Jamaican sprinter as he prepares for the Olympic Games.
TEDxBrum: We never doubted it and now fastest man in the world @usainbolt has confirmed it - Birmingham is the place to be #BoltlovesBirmingham @aakritik: So sure about relocating to Birmingham #BoltLovesBirmingham @KeithWilkoITV: No wonder, #Birmingham is the Bolti CSapital of the World