bolt of lightning

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a discharge of lightning accompanied by thunder

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ELECTRIC: Twitter user @LouMoore_ captured this bolt of lightning cracking over the city
The video shows a massive bolt of lightning hitting what appears to be the second or third coach after the engine.
THIS was the moment a bolt of lightning brought South Wales' summer to a dramatic halt over the weekend.
A bolt of lightning killed three people, including two children, in southern Ghazni province, residents and an official said, on Monday.
A bolt of lightning can reach temperatures approaching 28,000 Kelvin (50,000 degrees Fahrenheit) in a split second.
Lewis performed a host of tracks from latest album Terra Incognita alongside favourites You're Speaking My Language, Four on the Floor and Live a Bolt of Lightning.
A FAMILY have described the moment a bolt of lightning struck their house as like "a bomb going off".
But a bolt of lightning can span 10 miles and strike an area where thunder from the storm might not be heard.
The typical BOLT OF LIGHTNING heats the atmosphere to 50,000 degrees Fahrenheit.
Mohammed had been sheltering under a tree in Small Heath Park during Saturday's torrential thunderstorms when he was hit by a bolt of lightning and suffered a heart attack and serious burns.
A bolt of lightning struck near the tree instantly killing a 41-year-old Australian male teacher, a youth worker and three Thai students.
Love at first sight is characterized by a bolt of lightning (Italian, French, Swedish) or arrow (Spanish).
But seconds after that, the bed she had been sleeping in was zapped by a bolt of lightning, totally destroying it.
Balls of lightning are rare phenomena and are thought to be a ball of plasma formed when a bolt of lightning hits the ground and creates a molten "hot spot".
Usually a tree hit by a strong bolt of lightning exhibits browned leaves very soon, so it sounds like your tree is a likely survivor.