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Nevertheless, Sanu Kainikara's The Bolt from the Blue represents a useful, concise tool for teaching airpower theory.
As the heavens opened a massive bolt from the blue struck the Tyne Bridge to become a YouTube hit that has been viewed all over the world.
When they do, dropped points should not seem like an astonishing bolt from the blue.
The spell came as a bolt from the blue for the countless still living in makeshift shelters after last year's unprecedented floods rendered them homeless.
Doreen said: "Since this bolt from the blue from Forbes, we have had visitors from the US, Australia and Europe.
Though the political developments that shook the state in the past one week came as a bolt from the blue for Yeddyurappa, even more shocking was the response from the BJP's central leadership.
NEWS of a plan to build 400 upmarket houses on a site at Nunthorpe came like a bolt from the blue for local councillor Brenda Thompson.
So many company collapses have come like a bolt from the blue in the last few months of the recession.
To lose our captain and one of our most influential players for the first four months of the season is a bolt from the blue.
When it premiered, ``Six Feet Under'' was hailed by critics for its unique point of view - it handled such topics as death, grief, madness and incest with an elan so thoughtful and clever that it felt like a bolt from the blue.
Bullard's bolt from the blue came after the first four goals were scored in the opening 20 minutes.
I'd love Nushi to contact me - but it's a bolt from the blue.
Will doesn't usually say much, so this is an entertaining bolt from the blue.
The UK ruling on the Bass deal was a bolt from the blue to most industry watchers, since the regulators had been expected to rubber stamp the acquisition with a few minor stipulations.
Over 70% of brides polled ranked the surprise factor as vital to the ideal proposal, while 20% said that a bolt from the blue would be moderately essential.