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People think running around being bolshy is sales and it's not.
However, once he gets there, he finds that it's not a bolshy fellow chef, or even a disgruntled pot wash he has to contend with - it's the restaurant's indomitable owner Shelley, who doesn't seem to be taking anything that Gordon has to say on board.
People think that I'm this strong bolshy girl, but I'm so not.
Of course), and prominently reported Tesco's characteristically bolshy threat to sue the OFT (which paper doesn't enjoy quango-bashing?
Coronation Street star Michelle Keegan, who plays bolshy beauty Tina McIntyre, was awarded the Sexiest Female gong for the second year running, and Best Newcomer went to EastEnders' Ricky Norwood for his role as Arthur "Fatboy" Chubb.
Lynda La Plante wrote a series called Comics and there was a fat woman comic in it who was very bolshy.
THE current wrangling over who, in the future, will provide TV pictures of racing to the nation's betting shops, seems set to develop into a particularly dirty scrap, with Amrac, representing 30 bolshy Racing UK courses, looking to bloody the nose of SIS, which has held a monopoly since time immemorial.
Freaky Friday (PG) A doctor (played by Jamie Lee Curtis) and her bolshy daughter swap bodies.
From the shy folk of the Sierra and jungle, to the bolshy, party-loving Limenans and laid-back criollos, all share a huge pride in their country.
Believe it or not, foul-mouthed Mrs Brown has been around for more than 20 years now (her beginnings were in stage and radio plays) - although we'd bet that if Brendan O'Carroll was asked in his younger years what he'd like to do with his life, donning a fat suit and stockings to play a bolshy Irish matriarch probably wouldn't have been high on his list of ambitions.
THE HEAT Sky Movies Comedy 8PM Starchy FBI agent Sandra Bullock is teamed with bolshy Boston cop Melissa McCarthy - the Bridesmaids bulldozer is not Miss Congeniality.
Rough patches, but laughs for a fair way thanks to Sandler's deadpan bolshy attitude.
YOU'VE got to admire those rather bolshy folk at The UK Faculty of Public Health.
Ladies, reserve a space on the sofa and pour a Martini, because this is more than just a few hours of escapist bliss - it's the doorway to a world of glamour and privilege that comes with a riveting storyline, an edge of danger and a bolshy heroine who is unafraid to go where other Louboutins fear to tread.
Cue the former Phoenix Nights star rolling his eyes and thinking of the pay cheque as some poor hopeless schmuck/ preening wideboy tries to woo a veritable hen party of bolshy, leery women and win an all-inclusive weekend to Ibiza or somewhere.