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emotionally charged terms used to refer to extreme radicals or revolutionaries

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Bands may come and go but some have the guts, the resolve or the sheer bolshiness to stay the distance.
Set in the blasted, almost lunar landscapes of the Scottish Isles, this is a slow-burning but ultimately devastating look at revenge gone awry, with Press conveying a subtle mix of bolshiness and fragility.
It's hardly a Hollywood calling card but Press, conveying a subtle mix of bolshiness and fragility, confirms her status as one of Britain's most underrated THE talents.
His bolshiness, however, rubbed the Dragons up the wrong way.
Explaining how Its Wallace Jnr was named, she added: "They are both by Bedford, and when he was born he soon showed a lot of the stubbornness and bolshiness that are It's Wallace's traits.
It's an image that's been built on a lifetime of bolshiness, passion, aggression and the absolute conviction that what he's doing is right.
Her Geordie bolshiness charmed the bosses and the wheels were set in motion to draw up a permanent deal.
Maggie Thatcher wouldn't have put up with such bolshiness.
Maybe Toleration had taken her cue from a couple of out-of-character bits of early morning bolshiness up ahead.
There's no place for the likes of him with his attitude and determination to carry his "ordinary", working-class background as a badge of belligerence and bolshiness.
One education department insider said: "They had a history of violence and bolshiness.
Sexy and tough, George has more than a little healthy disrespect for authority and cost-cutting bureaucrats at Holby City Hospital, while her bolshiness often spills over into her private life which leads to a volatile on-off relationship with her handsome lover, male nurse Mark Grace (Patterson Joseph).