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emotionally charged terms used to refer to extreme radicals or revolutionaries

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They were strong willed and bolshie says athlete Tanni Grey-Thompson about some of Wales' great women
It's very different to anything I've done before but Kelly-Marie is really bolshie, confident and into fashion.
A FORMER government minister today warned that too often in the past Merseyside has deserved its bolshie reputation.
Mrs Blair said: "My husband always says - and heaven forbid that he ever disagrees with me - that I'm a bolshie Scouser.
Bosses were inspired by the Manchester-born rock stars to create bolshie older brothers for aspiring pop singer Michelle, played by former Hear'Say star Kym Marsh.
It shows you don't need to be loud and cocky and bolshie, just work as hard as you can and hopefully you will get on in life.
It is not suggested that the salesmen and women of our town are any more or less bolshie than anywhere else but in principle the Servicemark project, which already has more than 1,500 member organisations across Yorkshire, will be welcome.
Lydon's antics didn't stop there as he kept up his bolshie image by acting the fool and pulling silly faces.
But bolshie Mel hopes to cash in with a new TV project - a music talent show which is coming out in the autumn.
Kevin the Teenager, the bolshie adolescent character created by Harry Enfield, is spearheading a campaign to encourage teenagers to stay on at school or college.
When the Supernanny first came bounding on to our telly-screens, strutting her stuff with her bolshie attitude and boobs up to her chin, many of us stifled a yawn and wondered what made this woman so special that she knew all the best-kept secrets to good parenting.
Less bolshie than Amy Macdonald and folkier than KT Tunstall, Vickie has the soft sass of Laura Marling.
All this angst because a Bolshie schoolboy threw a hissy fit.
But perhaps the best performance of the lot comes in the form of Bob Barrett's (Shakespeare In Love, Absolutely Fabulous) excellent bolshie Northerner version of the stage-struck weaver Nick Bottom, who, at the hands of mischievous fairy Puck, is transformed into an ass - Barrett's interpretation of which is, along with the ears and tail, to make him more Northern.
But one glimpse of the huge model railway set inside the CIA and even the most bolshie two-year-old was beaming.