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an instrument that measures heat radiation

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Specifically, it is a supply of bolometer and oscilloscope according to the technical specification.
Both simulation and experiment results exhibit that the MA is polarization-insensitive, which is potential to be used in devices such as bolometer and detection of explosives.
Samuel Langley's bolometer in the late 1800s could detect the heat from a cow from as far away as one-quarter mile.
The new scintillating bolometer has performed excellently, proving its viability as a detector in experiments to look for dark matter, and also as a gamma spectrometer (a device that measures this type of radiation) to monitor background radiation in these experiments", said Abancens.
Then they could relate the steps by means of different tenses (I "used" a bolometer, which my assistant "had prepared"), by means of conjunctions and adverbs conveying temporal meanings ("After" we prepared the mixture, we "then" opened the slit), and by means of the order of clauses in a sentence (We prepared the light source, which we allowed to fall on the slit).
A joint Canada--UK SCUBA-2 camera (SCUBA: submillimetre common user bolometer array) to be located on the James Clark Maxwell Telescope, in Hawaii, to produce images of the deep universe using radio-waves;
The supercooled germanium bolometer detected all wavelengths of infrared with sensitivities hundreds of times greater than those of lead-sulfide cells.
Second is the potential of HTSC materials to be used as detector materials lat longer wave-lengths in a device called a bolometer.
Gol'tsman, "Characterization of a quasi-optical NbN superconducting hot-electron bolometer mixer," PIERS Proceedings, Vol.
Berlin Technologies, for example, was showcasing its Second Sight MS standoff real-time infrared bolometer gas cloud detector.
Researchers didn't have to wait anywhere near that long to detect the tell-tale alpha decays because the huge number of bismuth atoms in even a single bite-size bolometer crystal guarantees that some atoms will break down in a matter of days, if they break down at all, de Marcillac says.
5 THz Hot-electron Bolometer Mixer Operated by a Planar Diode Eased Local Oscillator
The effective efficiency of the two bolometer mounts was measured in the PSB calorimeter in Singapore in June and in the NIST calorimeter in July.
Measurements of the total irradiance of the photolysis beam were made by means of a bolometer designed in-house on the basis of a poly(vinylidene fluoride) PVDF pyroelectric thin film detector (28 [micro]m thickness, material supplied by Atochem North America inc.
Comprising the UCF 1600 and UCF 3200, the range features MicroIR VOx bolometer technology for unique image coloration and quality in even the densest smoke filled environments.