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the capital of Emilia-Romagna

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large smooth-textured smoked sausage of beef and veal and pork

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That's when you'll see a uniform (and more realistic) serving size of two ounces--about two regular-size slices of bologna.
Hormel Light & Lean Bologna and Eckrich Lean Supreme or Lite Bologna may have 25 percent less fat than regular bologna, but each still has 12 grams of fat per serving.
The 1969 plan for Bologna was by and large the most famous among these initiatives.
No doubt, the formalization of a concept of historical centre was a difficult task for those working in Bologna during the 1960s and the 1970s.
Bologna represented an anomaly in the political panorama of postwar Italy.
Bologna was the first Italian city to deliberate the adoption of such institutions.
This was also the case of the discussions taking place in Bologna around the preservation of the city's central area.
23) The group was based at the University of Florence, since the University of Bologna did not have a faculty of architecture at that time.
Only a few central activities contained in the metropolitan area of Bologna could be located in the old city centre: the remaining others would have to be situated elsewhere.
As these excerpts make clear, the document prepared by the group led by Benevolo considered the preservation of the historical city to be just an aspect of a larger problem: the organization of Bologna at a metropolitan scale.
Bologna soon positioned itself in the forefront of these initiatives.
The 1969 plan for the city centre was presented to the citizens of Bologna in an exhibition opened in May 1970 in the rooms of Palazzo d'Accursio and in the courtyard of the Archiginnasio.