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Selected genetic material from this bacterium was introduced into cotton; such cotton will have resistance to bollworm complex.
The method adopted for assessing infestation of chewing pests involved estimating of injury due to all kind of bollworms recorded on shoots, squares, flowers and bolls at regular intervals.
The larvae of the pink bollworm attack plants at the beginning of the fruiting stage causing huge losses to the cotton green bolls, fibers and seeds and accordingly great reduction in the cotton yield [22].
Abstract: Studies were carried out on pe effect of micronutrients on spotted bollworm Earias vittella F.
Farmers fear instead of being eliminated, the bollworms developed resistance due to insufficient toxin levels in Bt cotton crop.
Resistance of the pink bollworm, Pectinophora gossypiella (Saunders) to spinosad was examined under laboratory conditions during 20 successive generations.
For example, the USDA Pink Bollworm Project Photograph Collection documents USDA work on bollworm detection, prevention, and quarantine measures.
THE ongoing debate on biotechnology crops in India took a new turn on Friday when American seed firm Monsanto disclosed that cotton pest -- pink bollworm -- has developed resistance to its much- touted Bt cotton variety in Gujarat.
All Lepidoptera (beet and fall army-worms, bollworms, and tobacco budworms) utilized in these studies were obtained from laboratory colonies maintained at the USDA, ARS, Southern Insect Management Research Unit, located in Stoneville, MS.
Tabashnik knew from lab experiments that pink bollworms evolve resistance by developing a balky version of cadherin, which doesn't bind well with the Cry1A pieces.
is an authority on the genetics controlling cotton plants' natural ability to resist attack by boll weevils, cotton bollworms, tobacco budworms, tarnished plant bugs and microscopic worms known as nematodes.
Cotton bollworms and legume pod borers are the most significant crop pests worldwide, and are becoming ever more expensive as they develop high levels of resistance to the commonly used insecticides.
Bt cultivars were derived through introgression of the Bt gene from one donor parent cultivar Coker 312 transformation event 531, chosen for its ability to protect against budworm and bollworms and lack of nontarget effects (Jenkins et al.
From the outset, there has been concern that bollworms could develop resistance to Bt cotton.
It killed bollworms, in fact, just as efficiently as the "magic" seed many of India's cotton growers had heard about--a variety made by Monsanto that had been genetically engineered to produce the naturally occurring pesticide bacillus thuringiensis, or Bt.