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Thanks to research, growers today can also use cultural practices such as early plowdown of harvested cotton to break up stalks and bury overwintering pink bollworms.
He advised growers to cultivate non-Bt (Refuge) varieties near Bt varieties so that bollworms do not develop resistance against Bt gene.
This information could be useful for determining easier and reliable captures of naturally occurring tobacco budworms and bollworms.
On the other side of the world, clusters of Arizona cotton fields with Bt plants on more than 60 percent of the acreage have managed to suppress the local populations of the dreaded pink bollworm, says entomologist Yves Carriere of the University of Arizona in Tucson.
Female pink bollworms release a scent so that the males can find them to mate.
Cotton bollworms and budworms have developed resistance to many standard commercial insecticides," says Kirk, who is with the Areawide Pest Management Research Unit in College Station.
Bollgard-1 has a Cry-1AC gene-introgressed in addition to its natural genetic make-up and is effective against Pink, Spotted and American Bollworms or 'Sundee'.
Indian cotton area and production has increased but we have to understand its factors that in India Bollworms are a big issue of cotton crop and Bt technology is effective against it.
In a field test on an Israeli kibbutz, the device picked up so many faraway tractors and planes that the technological din drowned out any bollworms.
The test distinguishes cotton bollworms from their cousins, the tobacco budworm and groundcherry fruitworm.
To stimulate the production of sex pheromones, Teal applied the analog to the skin of tobacco budworms and cotton bollworms.
Elliger have found that varieties of Physalis (a genus including the tomatillo and cape gooseberry) and of petunia contain chemicals that can dramatically stunt Heliothis zea -- also known, depending on the host, as tomato fruitworms, corn earworms or bollworms.
He hoped cotton production of Punjab will significantly increase through cultivation of these BT verities which have effective resistance against Bollworms.
Bt corn is protected against European corn borers; Bt cotton targets bollworms and budworms; and Bt potatoes are resistant to Colorado potato beetles.