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the rounded seed-bearing capsule of a cotton or flax plant

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Therefore, farmers should perform pest scouting twice a week to be able to take steps to keep flowers and bolls safe from pink bollworm.
The bids started coming in the first weekend of showings, mostly from New Yorkers who planned to finance the purchase, said Bolls.
Bridesmaids wore Tiffany-blue chiffon cocktail dresses and carried bouquets of cotton bolls and white garden roses.
Lifting an engine with any bolls missing puts way too much stress and pressure on the remaining bolls.
In a study accepted for presentation at the 2013 International Communication Association conference in June, Bolls surveyed more than 1000 respondents and placed them into two personality groups: reward seekers and threat avoiders.
Our approach to conducting communication research is grounded in a holistic and more science-based methodology that is currently lacking in many neuromarketing models," explained Bolls.
The adults infest developing cotton buds and damage bolls.
The sellers were Betty and Nick Holloway; Mary Jo Bolls and her husband, Lillard; Lillard L.
At each location, 20 cotton plants were randomly selected and 5 bolls from each plant were removed and placed into a plastic bag.
That, plus the climate changes, would result in heftier and more abundant cotton bolls on each plant at harvest time, says Mearns.
As the crop matured, open bolls were counted and hand-harvested from 4.
Eli knocked it out of her hand, sending it flying into the cotton bolls.
obtained a 10 percent increase in mature cotton bolls in a field fertilization trial using its GOLD'n GRO fertilizer.