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More bollocks as Essex's deep-thinking celebrity chef droned on about how the old Wyoming ways define the rough tough spirit of frontier country.
NEVER Mind The Bollocks by punk band the Sex Pistols caused big problems for the Government 30 years ago.
We all know Bob's been a big daft laddie in the past (whether we're talking about parking his car or signing his autograph) but I know for a fact he's been working his bollocks off in training recently and I'm now going to stick my neck out big-style.
Fred Done told Talking Shop yesterday: "I have heard the rumour - it is bollocks, and please put that in the paper.
I have what I call a bollocks list where I sit in meetings and write down some of the absurd language we use,' she said.
Even if we kick someone right in the bollocks, they will usually still be relieved to have been registered on the show.
And bollocks to insufferable Sree for self-righteously telling them to cover up.
THE Sex Pistols are heading to Scotland for an historic one-off concert to commemorate the 30th anniversary of their groundbreaking debut album Never Mind The Bollocks.
See above - the winters in Newmarket are enough to freeze your bollocks off.
He likes to turn the heat off and I like it warm, he likes to watch complete bollocks on TV and I don't.
Never Mind The Bollocks, Here's The Sex Pistols ***
Some have accused Harry of talking bollocks in the past, but they'd better be extra-careful if they do so tonight, if you get my drift.
THE word bollocks, used by Sam Galbraith in the Scottish Parliament, is not a swear word.
Their Are We Not Men album came out two decades ago but still retains as much influence as Never Mind The Bollocks.
I asked him about being bleeped asking about the Sex Pistols album Never Mind The Bollocks.