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Over time, hiring more federal bureaucrats while pruning proxies would result in a federal government less beset by grant-seeking and contract-mongering special interests, more "faithfully executed" by the executive branch, and less bollixed by the Congress and its dozens of massively dysfunctional administrative oversight committees and subcommittees.
I miss the hell they would have given today's bollixed Republican Party--and the hope they would have inspired that a better future lay within reach.
We get all bollixed up with uncertainty because we really don't see things clearly.
We are as bollixed by this whole issue of why we can't get traction with dramas as anybody else,'' Lyne confessed.
And I'll bet that much of what you find at higher frequencies is pretty bollixed up in terms of phase, especially when you look at phase differences between channels, compared to the output from the original tape recorder.
I don't know who's to blame, but it seems OPEC, oil companies, utilities, and the regulators have bollixed up everything, causing energy prices to rise to unprecedented levels.
s putting out this cute little disingenuous book about his father that won't mention that he bollixed up the globe, his presidency, and marred Jeb's chances, all because he wasn't listening to his father or "working the problem.
The Tehran media completely bollixed a news report last week, saying the Pasdaran had announced the capture of yet another foreign drone flying over Iran.
Yet it would be a mistake to imply that there were two Reagans--the farsighted statesman who won the Cold War and the chucklehead who bollixed up U.