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a strong post (as on a wharf or quay or ship for attaching mooring lines)

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A GANG of dopey workmen make a complete bollards of a job - by blocking in their own van.
For some organizations, including the New York Stock Exchange and several major banks, security bollards provided part of the solution.
Pop-up bollard security devices, wedge barriers and cable beams are designed to block a road or driveway, helping to prevent a terrorist car or truck bomb attack similar to the recent attacks in Baghdad.
BOLLARDS that look like children are being erected outside Midland schools in a bizarre bid to cut the number of pupils killed or injured in road accidents.
If anyone sees an abandoned bollard they can ring 0121 704 8360 (0121 705 6122 out of hours) to report it.
The controversy arose when John Bollard left seminary in 1996 after allegedly being subjected to sexual advances by at least a dozen priests over a five-and-a-half year period.
The appeals court was not asked to determine whether Bollard was harassed, but rather whether his suit could go to trial without interfering with religion or church doctrine.
Access Fixtures' 32w Amber LED Round Dome Top Bollard with Type 5 Glass produces light that is visible to humans, but not to most other species.
HARROWING footage of a child being killed by a falling concrete bollard at the Royal Highland Show was shown to a jury yesterday.
Working with the Manufacturing Advisory Service and consultant Ade Walton from Prozeus, Tyne and Wear Marine (TWM) has spent the last year developing the bollard load test (BLT), which uses a powerful hydraulic ram and specialist torque rope to recreate more than 100 tonnes of "pull".
THIRTY drivers have been booked in one day for parking in a pedestrianised zone - after they were granted access by a vandalised bollard.
Rise and fall of the bollard A CONTROVERSIAL bollard system installed in Durham's Market Place has sparked a bizarre row in the past.
For the 70 units on the exterior, Dawn also supplied maintenance free bollard covers.
The current governor of RBNZ, Alan Bollard, spoke afterwards addressing the state of the local economy.