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an especially luminous meteor (sometimes exploding)


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The bolide manufactured by the students was delivered in Russia.
The last meteor blast approaching this energy occurred over Sulawesi, Indonesia, on October 8, 2009; infrasound data put that bolide disruption at about 50 kilotons.
To me, the primary significance is the demonstration that relatively small bolides on Jupiter can directly be observed from Earth, that their energy can be quantified and that such impacts are frequent enough to observe.
3) US missile-warning satellites annually record as many as 30 bolides (meteoroids that detonate in the atmosphere, otherwise known as fireballs), often releasing as much energy as a nuclear blast (see fig.
Such small rocks explode high in the atmosphere as giant bolides and are observed by military surveillance satellites designed to detect nuclear blasts or rocket launches around the world.
Bright, thunderous fiery meteors are called fireballs or bolides (bo-lides).
Meme si la masse de ces bolides est infiniment petite par rapport a la masse de la Terre la repetition de tels evenements n'ont pas pu avoir une effet a long terme sur les changements de climat?
Public and private watchdog agencies continue to keep an eye on the hundreds of such known bolides, and thousands more are suspected that come in all sizes and shapes.
There also are nine special-effects devices that project animations of astronomical events such as supernovae, the paths of traveling asteriods, solar and lunar eclipses, eclipsing binary stars, and bolides, or exploding meteors, Shobbrook said.
The leading suspect in this murder mystery is a large impact or series of impacts by comets or asteroids, collectively called bolides.
La gamme des motorisations EcoBoost de Ford couvre un spectre tres large de modeles de par le monde : elle equipe a la fois des bolides tels que la Focus ST, des SUV urbains de type FordEscape ou Ford Edge, mais aussi des muscle-cars de la trempe du Ford Mustang et des pickups mastocs comme le Ford F-150 Raptor .
Moins d'un an donc apres sa sortie de route, au volant d'un des bolides de l'ecurie russe Marussia, sur le circuit de Suzuka, lors du Grand Prix du Japon, le 5 octobre 2014.
He said that blasts from bolides will usually appear white in colour because of its temperature.
Wesley won the category for Solar System Hires photography and received a Canon PowerShot G11 digital camera in recognition, with Malin himself noting, "These are terrific contributions to the study of Jupiter's interactions with bolides of various kinds, and shows what can be done by a keen amateur with care and diligence.