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music written in the rhythm of the bolero dance

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a short jacket

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a Spanish dance in triple time accompanied by guitar and castanets

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Boleros returned the top tally of 36 points, well ahead of Hidada 34 and Sky Freight Forwarders 29.
As a result, Boleros cut the deficit from league leader Paradise Brand to a mere 3 points from 15.
Launched in 2000, the Bolero is an aspirational, tough and rugged, entry level SUV with macho styling and go anywhere capability, which has been dominating Indian roads for 13 years.
For brides who prefer strapless or summer versions, a shrug or bolero is ideal.
There's also a great selection of knitted, cotton boleros for those casual occasions where nothing else will do.
Boleros represent a twist in this debate, to the extent they are feminine.
He seldom took a break even during the ballads, such as the beloved ``Amor, Amor, Amor'' off ``Mis Romances,'' the acclaimed bolero album released in 2001.
Like all musical expressions with authentic popular roots and with total capacity for communication," writes Mexican critic Javier Gonzalez Rubio in an essay for the album Symphonic Boleros (Teldec) by Ettore Stratta and the Royal Philharmonic, "the bolero has remained alive and is again vigorous, beyond its nostalgic following.
Many Boleros sung in English such as "Green Eyes," "Love Me Forever," "It's Impossible" and "You are Always in My Heart," have become classics.
With Eidris Mangoda shooting 223 to go with the 178 and 174 by Gerry Mandanas and Igna Salgado and a pair of 162s by Paolo Allego and Rene Martinez, Kabayan easily won the first game against Boleros 932-886.
On the other hand, although a listener of boleros relives his or her own past and is sentimentally attached to specific songs within the wide repertoire of boleros, on a discursive level these songs appeal to a future that is as elusive as is the past in the tango.
Just two weeks after scoring a perfect double Boleros were in the limelight again as the Team of the Week during the 15th session in the Sarawat Superstores Thursday Bowling League 9th Season at the Sultanah Center's Bowling City here.
Boleros served notice of their title designs after a spectacular perfect double with the lead to boot during the 13th session in the Sarawat Superstores Thursday Bowling League 9th Season at the Sultanah Center's Bowling City here.
Danmerl Boleros went from third to first in the team standings after a back-to-back Team of the Week and Bowler of the Week double during the 16th session in the Jeddah Thursday Bowling League 8th Season at the Sultana Mall's Bowling City here.
Lo's trying to show off her Latino roots, but in that bolero and accessories she looks more like a camp Spanish matador