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a soft oily clay used as a pigment (especially a reddish brown pigment)

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the main stem of a tree

a Chadic language spoken in northern Nigeria and closely related to Hausa


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Goaded to frenzy the cat presently determined to come up after this disturber of his peace; but when he essayed to leap to the branch that held Tarzan he found the sharp spear point always in his face, and each time as he dropped back he was prodded viciously in some tender part; but at length, rage having conquered his better judgment, he leaped up the rough bole to the very branch upon which Tarzan stood.
Bearded and gray was Manu, the monkey, and to his dim old eyes came the fire of recollection of those days when Tarzan of the Apes had ruled supreme, Lord of the Jungle, over all the myriad life that trod the matted vegetation between the boles of the great trees, or flew or swung or climbed in the leafy fastness upward to the very apex of the loftiest terraces.
I had been calling Nobs in the meantime and was about to set out in search of him, fearing, to tell the truth, to do so lest I find him mangled and dead among the trees of the acacia grove, when he suddenly emerged from among the boles, his ears flattened, his tail between his legs and his body screwed into a suppliant S.
Construction of Semi-Detached Staff Bungalow for Teachers of Girls Module School, Bole Lot 1c.
But eight more were discovered during repair worK - and that maKes it nearly 10 times bigger than the average bee bole wall in Wales and officially the biggest in the UK.
In Dil Bole Hadippa, Rakhi plays the role of a Punjabi girl who tries to woo a sardar, played by Rani.
WATER GILDING A water and glue solution brushed onto smoothed bole surface.
This magnificent tree, with its 9-foot-thick bole, 163-foot height, and 99-foot spread, is a monument to a glorious past.
May bole equalised just into the second half when Jamie Porte curled home a free kick.
He said the acquisition of Bole Bridge Garage allowed the business to consolidate its position in the Lichfield and Tamworth areas.
As well as coaching the team, Mr Bole also helped a number of his swimmers gain scholarships to help with college expenses which are now Known as the George Bole Scholarships.
Yash Raj Film's Dil Bole Hadippa can also be described as Rani Mukerjee's comeback project.
A lot rides on Dil Bole Hadippa for Rani, who has no other film in hand besides a fading endorsement career.
CRSs are being inundated with rate and availability inquiries as consumers and travel agents shop for just the right room at just the right price," Bob Boles, Pegasus chief operating officer, noted.