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Synonyms for boldface

a typeface with thick heavy lines

print in boldface

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Experience with these more stringent F/A-18 safety emphases on boldface and administrative operations changed my perception regarding the assumed informality of naval aviation.
Boldface Licensing + Branding, By Lee Tillett, Inc.
that owns Kroma Makeup, will be given about 5 million dollars in royalties by Boldface.
In connection with the merger, the pre-merger stockholders of BOLDFACE will receive in exchange for the shares of BOLDFACE common stock owned by such stockholders, among other things, 25,000,000 shares of the Company's common stock.
The boldface procedures are the easy part because we study them and know them cold.
The heavy use of big, boldface headers, symbols and the occasional cartoon set this book apart from most business volumes; indeed, the blaring presentation wears out its welcome quickly.
With the American Civil Liberties Union, Helen Green filed suit on March 2 in federal court against Bowman and the town Bowman has since called the allegation against him "a boldface face lie.
It's genuinely tough to attract bona fide boldface names to events like these in D.
they were going broke and he helped fix them), states in boldface italic type (sort of like a belt and suspenders): "This book will help managers detect a serious business problem, either in your company or in a competitor's, within a year of reading.
All words that have an entry are in boldface for easy cross-reference, and icons show the reader at a glance the general facet of life that each word refers to: food, geography, religion, etc.
Titles are now in boldface, and keyword descriptors have been added.
To the above boldface categories and copy, we'd add these:
When examining the data contained in this report, data users should be aware that the first line following each table number presents in boldface type that table's unit of count: incident, offense, victim, or known offender.
TARANTARRATARA (6) The OED has taratantara as a main entry but also shows tarantarratara in boldface type as a 19th century variant spelling.
The editors usefully chose to indicate Manzoni's text by setting it in boldface, but did not provide page references to it.