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a cord fastened around the neck with an ornamental clasp and worn as a necktie

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a rope with weights attached to the ends

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To Great Bolas they returned, where Henry erected a house (Bolas Villa) for himself and his new wife.
The frog from Great Bolas was soon to reveal himself as the 10th Earl of Exeter.
The new president of the Irish Dental Association, Dr Andrew Bolas, said some kids have been waiting for five years.
indentacao ou mordida: graos duros, prensados entre duas bolas, indentam a superficie de uma delas, empurrando o metal para os lados, gerando uma cratera, inicialmente sem remocao do material, mas criando uma saliencia lateral como no riscamento ja descrito, que tambem sera erodida preferencialmente;
Chairman Dr Roger Bolas said that the NHS must start acting to ensure its services and public transport match-up.
Pc Bolas said he had only gone into the police station to ask Pc Jeavons advice on behalf of his friend.
Bolas, CPA, chairman of the examination content committee of the AICPA board of examiners and president of Miken Companies, a commercial printer with headquarters in Buffalo, New York.
Adult female bolas spiders of North America also mimic insect sex pheromones, says Haynes.
He thinks they're becoming increasingly fashionable as artisans create more intricate and better-designed bolas, some of museum quality.
34, manager, international marketing, to vice president, international; and Kelly Bolas, 30, director of marketing, to vice president, marketing.
Pc Jason Bolas, of Staffordshire Police, also asked Pc Bryn Jeavons to "transfer" the notice to someone else because he said his pal faced a driving ban, it has been alleged.
But speaking with the level of animation you expect from a bank clerk discussing the possibility of rain arriving tomorrow, retired engineer Peter Bolas calmly said: 'There is one asteroid they are particularly watching at the present time because its orbit looks as though it could hit the earth in 2030.
For more than a century, investigators have granted that the stones served as a major class of prehistoric tools and assigned them all sorts of speculative titles, including bone smashers, club heads, plant grinders, and bolas, which some hunters still tie to thongs and throw to trip up and bring down game.
Jason Bolas, aged 31, of Laburnum Avenue, Cannock, pleaded not guilty to a charge of doing an act intended to pervert the course of justice.
For certain male moths, bolas spiderscan be the ultimate cold shower.