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cooked in hot water

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Add boiled fettuccine, stir until fettuccine is well coated and cook for about 5 minutes.
The Los Angeles Times wrote that once water has boiled and the eggs have cooked for one minute, (http://www.
In this way, the same working fluid can be boiled at low pressure (when it is colder than the stuff in the fridge) and reliquefied at high pressure (when it is warmer than the outside of the refrigerator).
Boiled eggs remind me of going to my grandparents in the summer holidays and getting to draw on and decorate my egg after I had eaten it.
STERLING - Users of the Sterling water system were notified that all water should be boiled before use.
HOW inadequate do you have to be around a cooker to think spending 86p on two ready boiled eggs is a good idea?
Hundreds of school children wanting drinks throughout the day means in primary schools particularly endless kettles are having to be boiled and then cooled down.
It's perfect for the whole family as it can make a maximum of seven boiled eggs and just the way you like them - whether soft, hard or medium.
Boiling affects several qualities of boiled shrimp, especially, shrinkage and texture due to protein changes and cooking loss, which are in fact a result of microstructural changes.
3 : to feel angry or upset <The crowd boiled in frustration.
COUNTRYSIDE: While reading the July/ August 2007 edition, I read the article on peeling boiled eggs submitted by Kathy from Montana.
Forget kids, even adults can be clueless about the fine art of cooking a boiled egg - just ask Delia Smith.
The company has shown that boiled carrots promote the absorption of beta-carotene in the body.
Boiled potatoes--the waxy kind, often sold as boiling, white rose, or red rose potatoes--can be tossed with chopped fresh or dried herbs and served hot.
The vats probably sat atop the pillars as their contents boiled, he says.