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a group of artists and writers with real or pretended artistic or intellectual aspirations and usually an unconventional life style

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To speak plainly, the matter implicates the great House of Ormstein, hereditary kings of Bohemia.
Your Majesty had not spoken before I was aware that I was addressing Wilhelm Gottsreich Sigismond von Ormstein, Grand Duke of Cassel-Felstein, and hereditary King of Bohemia.
I slept at Baker Street that night, and we were engaged upon our toast and coffee in the morning when the King of Bohemia rushed into the room.
cried the King of Bohemia, when we had all three read this epistle.
And that was how a great scandal threatened to affect the kingdom of Bohemia, and how the best plans of Mr.
statesman and Provost (head) of Eton School, displays the Elizabethan idealism in 'The Character of a Happy Life' and in his stanzas in praise of Elizabeth, daughter of King James, wife of the ill-starred Elector-Palatine and King of Bohemia, and ancestress of the present English royal family.
I have come across Moravians and Lollards in Bohemia and Hungary," said Genestas.
He is the man who has chased Bohemia about the town from rathskeller to roof garden and from Hester street to Harlem until you can't find a place in the city where they don't cut their spaghetti with a knife.
Implementation of sampling and analysis, groundwater sampling in two seasons (spring / fall) in 2015 in sampling areas (parts): North Bohemia, Central Bohemia, South Bohemia, West Bohemia, East Bohemia, northern Moravia and southern Moravia.
The Meath Mirror selected for this bedroom is an ideal New Bohemia piece, beautifully sculptural in its own right with its curvaceous metal frame, but also helping to reflect light around the space.
Caption: Cairo the Poodle gives a paw of approval to Bohemia Realty Group's Sarah Saltzberg, Jessica Wagner and Michael Walkup at the Harlem-based boutique brokerage's second Pet Adopt-Athon, where three cats found homes in the first hour.
New Delhi, January 22 ( ANI ): King of Punjabi rap Bohemia has become one of the biggest YouTube stars in India by receiving record-breaking 20 million hits on his videos.
He is a member of the Eugene Faith Center, the Bohemia Mine Owners' Association and the Bohemia Foundation.
Club Area 51, located in Riviera Hotel, Juffair, in association with High Life Bahrain presents Bohemia, live-in concert, along with Jasmine Sandlas, featuring DJ Andy tomorrow from 9pm.
While we have enjoyed a rewarding history of growth and success from our long-standing Ronkonkoma headquarters, the move to Bohemia provides the home office staff with enhanced operational efficiencies thereby supporting a more streamlined workflow and driving FTA's business initiatives.