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It was in this state that Master Tom lay at half-past seven on the morning following the day of his arrival, and from his clean little white bed watched the movements of Bogle (the generic name by which the successive shoeblacks of the School-house were known), as he marched round from bed to bed, collecting the dirty shoes and boots, and depositing clean ones in their places.
The noise of the room- door closing behind Bogle, as he made his exit with the shoebasket under his arm, roused him thoroughly, and he sat up in bed and looked round the room.
Byfield the fired narrowly wide on 11 minutes before he was on the spot four minutes later to follow up Bogles shot which keeper Mark Scott could only parry.
SOLIHULL'S 'B' squad blitzed thirdplaced Oxford with four fabulous goals by Darren Byfield (2), Omar Bogle and Ryan Beswick to secure their third straight away win.
On 34 minutes Bogle made it two, when he ran onto Darryl Knights lovely through ball to chip the keeper to score.