bogged down

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I'd always backed myself to try and do well but I didn't want to get bogged down and just be another number.
another train bogged down due to door failure, unloading passengers at the North Avenue southbound station.
But it just bogged down and part of it began to sink into the sand.
The EPA consequently was getting badly bogged down with what were essentially petty de minimis requests and diverted from considering much more significant waiver requests concerning major components, that is requests to use foreign-made pipe, tanks, pumps, motors, instrumentation and control equipment, and treatment process equipment.
The Government needs to find a way to stop our hard-pressed police from being bogged down by red tape so they can do their job properly.
Up to six youths were seen running from the vehicle, which got bogged down at 7.
Indeed some who came after him (eg, Rudolph II [1575-1612]) were even more bogged down in such arcane matters.
The discussion of his journey toward hip-hop flame and wealth gets bogged down in explaining the much-publicized tiff he had with rapper Ja Rule and his view that everyone, from the media to the police, has a misguided view of 50.
Peaceniks claimed that there were too few troops to pitch in because American soldiers are bogged down in the Iraqi quagmire.
But for purposes of a declaration one can't get bogged down with a philosophical dissertation.
ROSA is an intriguing historical police procedural that at times does get bogged down in Nikolai's Laura-like obsession, but that also provides the motive for him to continue seeking the truth.
It will introduce sweeping changes to the way the department hires, pays, promotes, disciplines, and fires its 700,000 civilian workers, doing away with antiquated practices England said have bogged down the department for decades.
Attempts to mediate a bloody conflict in Nigeria, where attacks by a predominantly Christian tribe on a Muslim village killed at least 500, were bogged down yesterday.
But we don't want tog et too bogged down by the loss.
citizens switched places--how Soviet technology caught up to NASA's and how NASA became bogged down in bureaucracy.