bog down

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  • verb

Synonyms for bog down

get stuck while doing something

cause to get stuck as if in a mire

be unable to move further

cause to slow down or get stuck


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Similarly, telecommunications currently bog down at switching hubs, where optical signals must shunt briefly to less efficient, electronic routing equipment.
Another concern is the possibility the financial status audits would bog down the audit process.
It will probably not be only non-Germanists who bog down in three middle chapters of the book where Newman analyzes at length and in (too) much detail the function of the text as institution on the basis of three sorts of works produced by the "Pegnitz-Schafer": language theory tomes, works of poetics, and pastorals.
A flood of SNMP traps can bog down or overwhelm an SNMP management system resulting in processing delays or traps being lost," said Alan Grau, CEO of Icon Labs.
Either the city or a cable operator can initiate the formal process at the outset, or at any time if informal negotiations bog down.
Overall, this is an inspiring true story, but it does bog down a little, and the Lieutenant General tends to pontificate and preach a hit.
The process is so slow that it can bog down the system.