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a dazzling, often sudden instance of success

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27 -- Leonardo Boff is an internationally known Brazilian scholar of liberation theology.
He aqui sus nombres: Rubem Alves, Hugo Assmann, Ma Pilar Aquino, Leonardo Boff, Clodovis Boff, Pere Casaldaliga, Josep Comblin, la revista feminista Conspirando (Chile) (redactado por la teologa venezolana Gladys Parentelli), Enrique Dussell, Ignacio Ellacuria, Segundo Galilea, Yvone Gebara, Gustavo Gutierrez, Franz Himkelammert, Diego Irarrazaval, Jose Miguez Bonino, Jose Porfirio Miranda, Jung Mo Sung, Pablo Richard, Julio de Santa Ana, Juan Carlos Scannone, Juan Luis Segundo, Ion Sobrino, Paulo Suess, Elsa Tamez.
Mother-of-four Ms Borwick said her focus would be on cutting crime; Mr Boff, who stood four years ago but was not picked by the Tories, proposed to scrap the congestion charge and Mr Lightfoot promised public service reform.
Boff, a former priest who resigned after official censorship from the Vatican against his theological and ideological positions, is a key representative of the Theology of Liberation.
The anti-communist passions that supported the rise of Solidarnosc and the fall of totalitarian communism in Poland and elsewhere were manifest in Latin America in a hard-edged suppression of liberation-theology-inspired dissent; Leonardo Boff and Archbishop Romero of El Salvador come to mind.
Before the lights even go up on Winnie, sound designer Jill BC Du Boff scores big with a ground-shaking explosion that preps the aud for some unseen catastrophe.
Additional comrades at SPF from the Tricontinental days include Daniel Ortega, Sandinista chief and co-founder of SPF; Shafik Handal, FMLN terrorist group founder and former general secretary of the Communist Party of El Salvador; Leonardo Boff and Frei Betto of Brazil, two of the leading lights of "liberation theology" since the 1960s; Marco Aurelio Garcia, Brazilian Communist and SPF executive secretary; Mario Marulanda Velez, maximum leader of FARC, Colombia's narco-terrorist army; and Ahmed Ben Bella, former Algerian dictator and 1960s leader of the Communist FLN terrorists in Algeria.
Grundzage einer okumenischen Hermeneutik im Dialog mit Leonardo Boff und Raimon Panikkar (Hermeneutische Untersuchungen zur Theologie vol.
Boff Whalley, if you don't already know, which probably amounts for just about everybody, is the guitarist in Chumbawamba.
Wild Apple has added Andrea Boff and Danhui Nai to its family of more than 90 artists.
The theologies of the later Barth and Rahner, who contend that the economic Trinity is one with the immanent and vice versa, are masterfully treated, as well as the contemporary thinkers influenced by them: Moltmann, LaCugna, Boff, a nd Ziziouslas.
Having established a position that takes environmental problems seriously, but only when established evidentially, Royal looks carefully in successive chapters at the writings of Thomas Berry and Frederick Turner, Arno Naess, Matthew Fox, the 'school' of thought known as eco-feminism, and Leonardo Boff.
Norris trounced his opponent, political unknown Andrew Boff, and was immediately described as a "super candidate" by Tory leader William Hague.
18) His presence in the Teologia e libertacao collection directed by Leonardo Boff and edited in Brazil helped give some ecumenical vision to that predominantly Catholic collection of tomes of theology.
Leonardo Boff, Sean McDonagh, and other liberationists apply this principle with a "preferential option" for the "most threatened of other beings and species" (58).