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the exterior body of a motor vehicle

the work of making or repairing vehicle bodies

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I have seen how soft tissue bodywork can significantly improve performance.
Part 1 recaps the history and approaches of Western versus Eastern massage and bodywork and provides a foundation to understanding sensitivities of individuals with ASD.
All of the underpinnings of the vehicle were kept intact, including its L-head straight-6 engine, and were visible through the bodywork.
Its property profile is comparable to Makroblend UT 235M, which is an established material for the production of bodywork parts, satisfies the most stringent requirements of the automotive industry and is compounded from conventionally manufactured raw materials.
1 The car's bodywork, far from immaculate, had actually had the 10 scrapes and scuffs badly touched up.
The Commission on Massage Therapy Accreditation (COMTA) was created in response to massage therapy and bodywork educators' desire that rigorous standards be applied to institutions of massage therapy and bodywork.
Good bodywork is essential to keeping a car looking new.
Bodywork Solihull, based at the Lode Lane Industrial Estate, has recently established itself as an approved repairer to automotive giant the Volkswagen Group.
Chapter 3 examines the evidence for bodywork as an effective, supportive treatment.
Formula One team Red Bull have threatened to lodge a protest at the Australian Grand Prix if the cars from rival teams Toyota, Brawn and Williams pass inspection as debate rages over the legality of their bodywork.
TWICE in the last week after wet evenings, I've gone out to my car in the morning to discover more than half a dozen tiny snails spread out right across all parts of the bodywork.
Its aerodynamic bodywork gives a fantastic performance with lower CO2 emissions.
James Spinks, co-founder of Birmingham-based Scratch Wizards, has secured a deal to repair scratched car bodywork at Arnold Clark dealerships at Oldbury and West Bromwich.