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the exterior body of a motor vehicle

the work of making or repairing vehicle bodies

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Top from left: Paul Brooksbank, of Yorkshire Bank, Andy Farren, Harrison, Beale and Owen, Bodywork Solihull company secretary James Edmondson' Bodywork Solihull, started by father Les 54 years ago
Salary: Starting salary in the bodywork moulding department is pounds 6.
About Real Bodywork INC: Real Bodywork INC is based in Santa Barbara, CA.
What can be said with confidence, though, is that any repairs to the bodywork are likely to be expensive due to the car's aluminium shell.
The bodywork then begins at the feet and moves up the legs.
Bodywork now comes in a variety of methods and techniques (see GUIDE BODYWORK APPROACHES).
Some of its bodywork was found on Thirlmere Road the next day.
Bodywork, at Gateshead's Shipley Art Gallery, showcases contemporary ceramics by seven artists who all take a very different approach to their work, and all have a connection with Cardiff.
James Spinks cashed in on anti-pollution regulations over car bodywork repairs.
However, Robb is eager for feedback on the new mid-range F 800 S and ST sports line that debuts early next year: "This is a very unique solution in the segment, and something you've never seen from us before," he says of the three-piece bodywork and unique "fly line.
Wing mirrors were ripped off and bodywork scratched as the yobs targeted everything from top-of-the-range models, to older cars.
Jenny and her staff have specialised in bodywork therapies for over 18 years, offering Certificate IV and Diploma courses in remedial massage and reflexology, as well as shorter courses in manual lymphatic drainage, deep tissue bodywork and Swedish massage.
Inspector Andy McConnell, of Consett police, said the vandals struck between 10pm on Tuesday and 6am on Wednesday, using a key or another sharp tool to scratch the bodywork of cars parked in Alderdene, Newbiggin Lane, and on Front Street.
Frank Morgan has established Metallica Smart Car Repairs after building up a reputation among local garages for his ability to spruce up the bodywork on cars prior to resale.
Key to this performance is the carbon fiber and aluminum honeycomb mono-coque chassis clothed in carbon fiber and Nomex bodywork, all protected by carbon composite crash structures.