body snatcher

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someone who takes bodies from graves and sells them for anatomical dissection

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THE leader of a bodysnatching ring which made more than pounds 2m after stealing the bones of veteran broadcaster Alistair Cooke and more than 1,000 other victims pleaded guilty yesterday.
THE head of a multi-million-pound bodysnatching ring which stole the bones of veteran broadcaster Alistair Cooke will plead guilty in a deal with US prosecutors, his lawyer said yesterday.
A young mother discovered she was given bones stolen in the New York bodysnatching scandal u when she received a letter YESTERDAY.
Four men have been charged with running a bodysnatching ring which allegedly cut the bones of BBC broadcaster Alistair Cooke from his corpse and sold them for transplants in a plot akin to "a cheap horror movie", US authorities said last night.
Two years on,and Richard is back with another touchy topic -this time bodysnatching.
Indeed, tissue has become so desirable that bodysnatching has apparently made something of a comeback.
Nicole Kidman and Daniel Craig star in a bungled revision of Jack Finney's Cold War bodysnatching classic.
The bodysnatching scandal dates from February 2006, when Mastromarino - then owner of Biomedical Tissue Service, based in Fort Lee, New Jersey - and others were accused of cutting up corpses from funeral homes in New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania.
Your guide will tell you horror tales of death and disease, bodysnatching and bloody battles.