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having no trunk or main part


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War-as-technological-spectacle offers a cartographic/rational mastery, with precise spatial and temporal coordinates mapped onto the distant and bodyless enemy below.
One is tempted to conclude here that by contrasting the phenomenal heaviness of the headless body of Hellmut and the lightness of the (almost) bodyless Epraim, Tournier is rehashing the body/mind duality, the former negatively charged, the latter positively, and some of the many binary opposites that have come to be associated with it: death/eternal life, earth/heaven, matter/air, heaviness/lightness, imprisonment/freedom.
The lexical field of reproduction points to a liquid abundance hard to encompass ("the bodyless fecundmellow voices") and subverts words of their literal meaning: "primogenitor," literally and etymologically referring to a single male ancestor becomes feminized and diffuse ("Wet primogenitive female").
1490, North Carolina Museum of Art, Raleigh), are a curious amalgam of the volumetric and the bodyless.
This would involve first and foremost, the recognition of whiteness as a racialized category not an unraced, neutral, objective, bodyless, and colorless position from which whites are privileged to invent blackness as an inferior social category based on nature.
Bodyless icon from the '80s who, along with other first-generation arcade classics such as Defender, Asteroids and Dig Dug, is staging a mini-comeback on PCs.
CALSTART was conducting a rollout--the auto industry's version of a fashion show--of its new bodyless electric car chassis that entrepreneurs can build on to make a range of finished cars.
Unlike Sonya, who is more a bodyless abstraction of a prostitute than the genuine article, Irina is a decisive swing to the other extreme, conjuring up an image of female sexuality, sensuousness and boundless carnal desire.
The one who was bodyless, of vicious temper, but literate, and who, in a special numinous stunt, appeared to Moses as a burning bush which does not incinerate, giving him ten rather than some other number of commandments, is a very specific cultural and historical specimen.