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the weight of a person's body

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For example, the heritability estimate was largest for body weight at age of 6 months and smallest for body weight at age of 2 years.
And while these mental influences are undoubtedly part of the problem, historically there has been very little focus on how their current and past body weights contribute to their eating disorder," he said.
Paired t-test of body weights of PTB-2 with PTB-0 showed significantly higher mean body weight for PTB-2 group (p<0.
Among free living people involving ad libitum diets, intake of free sugars or sugarsweetened beverages is a determinant of body weight.
The study could lead to hormonal replacement therapies in which estrogen is delivered to specific parts of the brain that regulate body weight, thereby avoiding the risks associated with full-body estrogen delivery, such as breast cancer and stroke.
If we have to pay extra for excess baggage, it's only fair that we pay extra for excessive body weight.
Cook and his associates analyzed body weight change during the 1999-2000 winter quarter in 443 men and women aged 40-69 years with doubly labeled water data who participated in the National Cancer Institute-sponsored Observing Protein and Energy Nutrition (OPEN) study.
Body weight resistance, an alternative training method, utilizes the use of static strength in order to overcome a heavy resistance (Rupnow, 1985).
To examine the association of misperceived prepregnancy body weight status with excessive gestational weight gain, researchers studied 1537 women who had either normal or overweight/obese pre-pregnancy body mass index.
As a result, they double or nearly triple their body weight before taking to the air.
There are also some data suggesting that the hormone leptin, which is involved in regulating body weight and appetite, increases bone resorption (the process of losing bone).
Infants receiving soy formula have a higher intake of genistein and of soy per pound of body weight than any other group.
One hundred one subjects who lost more than 8% of their initial body weight were subsequently randomly assigned to a one-year double-blind CLA (3.