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That would have to be following any latest trend blindly, without keeping your body type, age and personality in mind.
The gurus often don't consider height as an element of body type: for example, their advice for Deb as a petite can conflict with their advice for her rectangle body type.
The data were analysed using two-way analysis of variance (ANOVA) testing to compare potential differences between gender and body type at T1, T3, T6, T9 and T12 landmarks.
Make the most of your body type by highlighting your assets in a halter neck monokini or a cut- out one piece.
Diagnosing me a Kapha-Vata body type, Chandy is extremely sweet by calling me "moderately overweight".
Negative adjectives were generally ascribed to the endomorph, supporting the negative bias against the chubby body type that was demonstrated in the studies by Lerner and Gellert (1969) and Staffieri (1967).
She's very different from the typical body type most Asian women have, and for that alone, she's well worth more than just a second glance.
MARILYN MONROE "With this hourglass body type, it's all about looking drop dead gorgeous and devastatingly sexy," Caroline says.
Prices range from $1,910 to $2,791, depending on body type and fabric.
What is a healthy weight for your body type and height: Losing 30 pounds in 24 weeks is definitely a healthy and realistic goal, but will you still be at a healthy weight if you lose 30 pounds?
I launched my company, LModelz, in 2005 drawing inspiration from America's Next Top Model and from being tired of finding little opportunity as a model because of color or body type standards.
THE Ectomorphic body type can be recognised by a small bone structure.
For instance, Ana Mendieta's Body Tracks, 1974, was loosely aligned with Satisfaction, 1994, by Elke Krystufek, followed by Up to and including her limits, 1976, by Carolee Schneemann, and then, further on, back in time to Valie Export's Body Type, 1970, showing changes in approach to the female body and gender issues.
The study will also look at the relationship between a person's ability to repair DNA and their body type or genetic make-up.