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The Steel Market Development Institute, a business unit of the American Iron and Steel Institute, has recognised Sweden-based Volvo Car Corporation's body structure team with its Automotive Excellence Award at the 16th annual Great Designs in Steel seminar in Livonia, Michigan.
Sixty-four percent of the CT6 body structure is aluminum, including all exterior body panels, and the mixed material approach saved 198 lbs.
The simplified experimental techniques used in this paper are applied to experimental, modified vehicles, therefore the results achieved during the experiment may be used for analysis only as providing a potential behavior of the body structure of a modified car in certain situations that might arise during the operation.
What's interesting is their revolutionary CFRP, or Carbon Fibre Reinforced Plastic body structures.
The front axle sub-frame system is designed to decouple from the body structure in the event of a frontal impact.
Other projects include Limo-Green, designed to use Jaguar's class leading lightweight aluminium body structures as the basis for testing the concept a large luxury vehicle can utilise an advanced hybrid electric driveline, consisting of a drive motor, small battery pack and a small auxilliary power generator.
To utilize this technology, says Stefan Schmidgall, HBPO's R & D director, OEMs must utilize an "open" body structure (i.
The car also uses Honda's Advanced Compatibility Engineering (ACE) body structure, which is designed to minimise the effects of a frontal crash by dispersing energy through the structure.
Bruce is having a lot of success with his weight and body structure, and I figure I'm not too far from him,'' Anyanwu said.
Sporns uses robots to study how body structure influences the data that a machine or organism gathers about its environment.
But if I am to understand the body structure and behavior of an ancient mollusk, I have to look at modern forms--including the giant squid.
Among the topics are a neuro-physiological understanding of the Freudian unconscious, implicit body representations in action, body structure in psychotic and autistic children, a functional neurodynamics for the constitution of the own body, different metaphysical backgrounds on body image and body schema, and the relation of the body image to sensation and its absence.
Buyers can expect further improvements in the Focus's ride, handling and refinement thanks to changes under the skin which include a new front subframe, tuned and refined suspension systems and a 10% stiffer body structure.
The body structure builds on the automaker's 'G-Control' (G-CON) collision safety technology by utilizing the engine compartment to absorb and disperse collision energy over a larger area.
Admission to SAB is by audition only; applicants must be at least 8 years old and have a body structure suited to the demands of classical dance.