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a one-piece tight-fitting undergarment for women that covers the torso (and may have sleeves and legs)

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She performed in a white body stocking, sat on judge Louis Walsh's lap and chased judge Gary Barlow through the audience.
But unlike Lady Godiva -- who rode naked -- Jean, 40, from Brynsiencyn, Carl, 25 from Bangor and Katie, 30 from Dwyran, preserved their modesty with body stockings.
For instance, Foster's much discussed Swiss Re building, likened by many to a gherkin, is actually like nothing so much as a fat banker in a latticed body stocking.
Doubling as the virile Oberon in a skin-tight body stocking of sorts, Cole skirts the Machiavellian approach to offer a somewhat dullish and indifferent woodland monarch.
Thora Hird in a body stocking accompanied by Brian Blessed, because he makes a heck of a noise.
The "Born This Way" singer made her appearance in a see through body stocking at the Roseland Ballroom Theater, New York, on Thursday.
There was an emotionally scarred ex porn star, an Essex Girl who mines a lucrative stream of income playing X-Box in her knickers or cooking chicken in a body stocking and a business woman with big boobs who won't go naked.
It starts with hip-pads to give him a curvaceous bum, and a 38DD bra filled out with silicon "chicken fillets" to complete the womanly curves Next there's a black steel-boned corset to give him an hourglass shape before he squeezes into a size 14 flesh-coloured rubber body stocking.
Hannah Knight, in a revealing lesh-coloured body stocking, ode on horseback to the council ffices to deliver a 4,500-name petition, calling for "commonense to prevail.
When Cher was my age she was going out with Richie Sambora from Bon Jovi, sporting a wig the size of Mull and straddling a cannon wearing an X-rated, Tetley Tea bag body stocking in the If I Could Turn Back Time video.
Wild night GaGaprovesshe won''tbetamed bypitchingupat Maxim''s,oneof Paris''s top restaurants, in a wild see-through leopard print body stocking.
The singer - who is due to headline tomorrow's segment of the One Big Weekend event in Carlisle - also donned a studded black leather outfit with orange body stocking, as well as a futuristic wedding dress.
Pink foam ear plugs for the snoring, plasters for the wrinkling, next it will be a full body stocking to hold in the parts no one would like to reach and a stray dog to keep the feet warm.
Fans of their skin care range will adore Body Stocking (pounds 35-01202 668 545, www.