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As his body servant, I accompanied him mounted upon a fiery little Abyssinian pony.
As I had been given a semi-military uniform which bore insignia indicating that I was an officer's body servant, even the blacks treated me with a species of respect, though I could see by their manner that I was really as the dirt beneath their feet.
A dozen officers of the court with several body servants were grouped behind the jeddak and his guest, eager listeners to the conversation--so eager on the part of one of the servants that he was twice rebuked by a noble for his forwardness in pushing himself ahead of his betters to view the intricate mechanism of the wonderful "controlling destination compass," as the thing was called.
How might this have differed for someone like Yombo, described as an expert in refining leather, as opposed to Dick, a body servant and eventual farm manager?
Left alone, Sallie had the job of being the body servant for the man's chronically ill wife.
At the outset, In Search of York promises to "rescue" York, an enslaved body servant belonging to William Clark from historical obscurity and mistreatment.
Chapter Twenty-Seven Special envoys are allotted body servants.