body politic

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The party's father, Mr John Hume, has expressed a wish that parts of the SDLP's body politic be transplanted in order to help other grievously ill parties such as the Ulster Unionists, but, in a bizarre twist, pathologists revealed last night that the party's spine had already been removed some time ago.
The continual stream of judicial decisions from activist judges, beginning in 1947 with Justice Hugo Black when he created the 'wall of separation,' have steadily eroded the rich spiritual soil of our nation, leaving a cavernous divide in our body politic.
No matter what your political view, it is clear that the Glasgow psyche does not have the same conceit of itself as the body politic.
Immediately after the Kensington nativist riots in 1844, "women nativists exploited a political rhetoric and domesticity to forge a bold claim for their role in the body politic.
Otherness is unbiddable: it is the unexpected collision between the possible and the miracle, the body politic and the body electric.
The Body Politic," with its lighthearted political theme, offers genuine, therapeutic spa treatments, packaged for the politically minded by Mandarin Oriental's spa therapy manager, Bonnie Baker.
There seems to be an analogy for building a hardwired body politic, using more refined versions of flash mobs.
To hopeless nails like you or me, these perfidious Latinos may appear as harmless neighbors and coworkers, but the H-man has seen them for what they really are: a cancer on the American body politic.
By contrast, a penitential justice aims at reforming the guilty and making them once again part of the whole body politic.
147-60); Andras Kisery, "Emblems of the Polity: The Wounds of Rhetoric and of the Body Politic in Shakespeare's Rome" (pp.
Those worthies who sanctioned this abomination should be excised from the body politic and onfined, along with their Indian counterparts ho authorized the mushroom farm, to a special circle of hell -- oblivion.
One HR manager said that bosses making layoff decisions go first for the loners because getting rid of them does no damage to the body politic.
Begun in earnest only a few years ago, this heavily funded, media-driven campaign seeks to undermine existing African American political structures by creating the appearance of deep class and age divisions within the black body politic.
We pledge to unmedicalize every menopausal symptom and make it work for the body politic.
Cairns' belief that a paradigm shift to assess the value of natural capital is crucial for this planet's sustained use is understandable and warranted; however, in achieving this goal, Cairns fails to realize that the shift, especially in a democracy, must be directed from below, from the body politic, and not from scientists, lawyers, or politicians.