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a pad worn by hockey goalkeeper

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Sure, it was a limited experience, consisting of pairs strapping on body pads and taking it in turns to hit each other six times, but the tangible buzz in the changing room afterwards told how all of us had taken a tantalising glimpse into the future.
Children put on their gloves and aimed a variety of punches at the body pad to practise their new skills.
Tenders are invited for Galvanized Iron Body Pad Lock Confirming To Is:15275/2003 Type-2 With 4 Levers With Male 02 Female Keys Fig.
Tenders are invited for Body Pad Recessed Irs Part Drg.
For instance, NeuLash, Clarisonic and the Alpha Beta Face and Body Pads by Dr.
Beauty Cloth has expanded the number of configurations for its Exfolia line to include body pads, facial pads, disposable sheets, towelettes and machine pads.
In recent months, BCI has expanded the number of configurations for the cloth with mitts, body pads, finger cotts, disposable sheets, towelettes and machine pads.
They wear body pads, arm pads, gloves like shovels, helmets and face grills, possibly backside pads.
Gear: Helmet with facemask, mouth guard with keeper strap, full upper and lower body pads, athletic cup for boys, rubber cleats.
Burglars stole pounds 2,000 of helmets and body pads when they smashed into his shed in Pelton, Co Durham - and then came back for his beloved scrambler.