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the total output of a writer or artist (or a substantial part of it)

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A Not especially proud of any of them, as it feels unfair on the other pieces to pick a favourite, but as a body of work I feel this show is getting somewhere.
The honour is awarded for excellence in poetry for either a body of work or an outstanding poetry collection published during the year of the award.
This book helps correct the balance by documenting an extraordinary body of work that was, and still is, inspiring in its explorations of use, form and material.
The sheer body of work demonstrates the concern many have over a current lack of discipline in Baptist churches.
She also developed the Language of Dance[R], a body of work identifying basic movement elements that is now taught worldwide.
Washington had to wait a decade to have his body of work blessed with an Academy Award.
has presented a substantial body of work that allows fingerprinting of semiconducting nanotubes," says nanotube researcher Pulickel M.
Owens, "a Native American of both Indian and European ancestry," sees a burgeoning and immensely rich body of work that is well worth incorporating into recognized American literature.
His fascinating body of work embraces the contradictions that bloom in between the cracks where human nature and official codes of conduct meet.
Proposals will range from requests to validate the charter of a new working group to the review of submitted specifications for inclusion into the SNIA body of work or standards.
As simple as her methods appeared, her body of work was difficult to categorize.
According to Hugo Boss Prize criteria, the body of work that secures
Throughout the tour, the web site, complete with classic Police logos and artwork, will become the most comprehensive online destination devoted to the band, their body of work and diverse fan-base.
In its second phase, Project New Orleans is actively engaged in organizing community participation in discussions stimulated by the growing body of work collected.
Like Sand From Orchid's Lips" is a unique body of work and a strongly recommended contribution to personal, professional, academic, and community library Photographic Studies collections.