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the total output of a writer or artist (or a substantial part of it)

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This body of work explores lines, form and the interplay of light in urban structures.
MANOSA: Beyond Architecture' brings together original drawings and models from Manosa's body of work, including plans and projects never before seen by the public.
A Not especially proud of any of them, as it feels unfair on the other pieces to pick a favourite, but as a body of work I feel this show is getting somewhere.
As an artist, it is solely your responsibility (whether or not you have an agent or representative) to make certain that you have the necessary tools to make your career a success, in order ensure that your body of work and the associated values of that body of work will be maintained for the ages.
The honour is awarded for excellence in poetry for either a body of work or an outstanding poetry collection published during the year of the award.
Kahn's buildings are keys to understanding New York's skyline: his body of work is featured here in a pairing of black and white images with in-depth architectural and biographical notes, making this a definitive guide.
A unique body of work, The Sorcerer's Trick: A Weapon Of Mass Deception by Morgan "Two Fires" Kazembe is an eclectic collection showcasing a vast and diverse cornucopia of worldly philosophy, conceptual understandings, wry insights, and "the everything of everything" reference book presented in a satirical, inventive, deeply engaging, and impressively informative manner that will hook the reader's total attention from first page to last.
As a long-time poet, and perpetual student of the universe around him, O'Callaghan's poetry buries itself deep into the skin of the reader, creating an upheaval of enlightening, life enriching and thought- provoking realizations only found in such judicious body of work.
Not only is this book filled with verse that speaks forcefully and lyrically in the voice of ancestors from various periods of Steptoe's life, but there are also critical essays from scholars who attest to and place his body of work in a critical format, which truly deserves praise.
Malone, who died in 1998, produced a large body of work of paintings, drawings, sculptures, jewelry, musical instruments and furniture during his career.
2 AUA AUA (DOROTHY IANNONE) Living in Germany since the late '60s, expatriate Dorothy lannone has created a voluptuous, libertarian, and unashamedly erotic body of work.
This book helps correct the balance by documenting an extraordinary body of work that was, and still is, inspiring in its explorations of use, form and material.
Harvey Finkle is a documentary photographer who has produced a substantial body of work concerned with social, political and cultural issues.
The sheer body of work demonstrates the concern many have over a current lack of discipline in Baptist churches.
Washington had to wait a decade to have his body of work blessed with an Academy Award.