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The Persian Gulf is not the only body of water subject to a naming controversy.
INLET: a narrow body of water leading inland from an ocean, lake, or river; or a narrow passage of water, as between two islands.
Corpses normally exhibit a relaxed, often prone, semifetal position when discovered by divers on the bottom of a body of water.
To the casual observer, it seems that whatever is in the stream, or gets dumped into it, just gets carried along to the next large body of water.
The hallmark of free association that allows the reader to speculate upon human minds and motives is prevalent in "The Lake", a narrative that circulates back time and again to the body of water that forms its name and the people who live alongside it.
Many other materials are better suited toward floating a small boat down a body of water.
The report traces the plan's potential effects on the Florida Bay, the shallow, 850-square-mile body of water at the state's southern tip where the increased water flow produced by the restoration project will discharge.
Whenever possible, I'd jump into the nearest safe body of water, be it a creek or the North Sea.
Basically, it specifies the maximum amount of a specific type of pollution that a specific body of water can assimilate in a day and still meet its water quality standard(s).
Once a body of water is placed on a state's "impaired waters" list, the state must develop a TMDL, which describes to what degree each pollutant causing the impairment should be reduced to restore a body of water so it can be used for swimming or fishing.
It is as if they were buoyed by an invisible body of water in which they bob and dip, bump and abut, overlap and drift apart.
Even homeowners in low-risk areas can sustain water damage from melting snow, storms or from collapse of land along a body of water caused by erosion.
Contract award: development of an open body of water for swimming roquebilliere - lot 5: landscaping.