body odor

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malodorousness resulting from a failure to bathe

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vannamei food ingestion rose with increasing body odor concentration, expressed as fasting shrimp biomass.
It inhibits the growth of bacteria, the main cause of body odor, while allowing the skin to breathe.
One reason, she speculated, may be that voice and body odor are more dependent on fluctuating levels of adult testosterone than on pre-natal testosterone.
About one-third of patients received nonpsychiatric treatment for the perceived odor "but in no case did this treatment diminish the worry about the perceived body odor.
Because there are some medical conditions where body odor might be a symptom, you should avoid asking the employee directly if she has a health problem.
It decreases productivity if a person working for you has an offensive body odor because those affected spend work time talking about it," says Dansby Davis.
Fresh sweat on a clean body doesn't produce body odor.
Pregnant women also have a higher average body temperature than nonpregnant women, causing them to sweat more easily and emit a stronger body odor, the study said.
Shiseido revised its sales target upward on the grounds that recent media publicity about the body odor of middle-aged and older men is making them very conscious of it.
So he was sent back to the last stop on the line for crazy old soldiers: to sterile wards smelling of urine, talcum powder, body odor, and antiseptic; to colorless day rooms rimmed with gaunt and disheveled old men in stained and tattered hospital pajamas, who sit in wheelchairs and do nothing all day; to televisions blaring staff favorites--soap operas and MTV.
They were also required to wear armpit pads for 12 hours to collect body odor.
Boys (and girls) will get taller; develop body odor, grow a lot of new hair (especially leg and pubic hair), and get oily skin and acne.
Washington, February 6 ( ANI ): A new biometric technique is underway to allow people to be identified by their body odor.
Grandma has a distinct body odor that is getting progressively worse, and it's hard to be close to her.