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malodorousness resulting from a failure to bathe

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One reason, she speculated, may be that voice and body odor are more dependent on fluctuating levels of adult testosterone than on pre-natal testosterone.
About one-third of patients received nonpsychiatric treatment for the perceived odor "but in no case did this treatment diminish the worry about the perceived body odor.
Because there are some medical conditions where body odor might be a symptom, you should avoid asking the employee directly if she has a health problem.
Lindsay's research team plans to develop strategies to make pregnant women less attractive to mosquitoes, including use of antibacterial soap and developing repellents to block the body odors most tempting to mosquitoes, the Lancet said.
Monjay is unlike anything on the market and really will allow people to eat foods spiced with garlic and onions, and vegetables in the bean and cabbage families without having to worry about having offensive breath, body odor, or pressure from gas hours after eating.
Researchers at the UPM along with the IlA-a Sistemas company have found that there are recognizable patterns of each person's body odor that remain steady, which leads the way to improve personal identification that is less aggressive than other biometric techniques being used today.
Grandma has a distinct body odor that is getting progressively worse, and it's hard to be close to her.
Burlingame, CA-based Crystal, creators of Crystal Body deodorant and Crystal Essence, went back to school--specifically the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)--for the" No Body Odor in the Classroom" project.
BREEZE BRONZE products maintain the wonderful qualities of natural fibers -- they are biodegradable, absorbent, and safe -- while offering a revolutionary new process that breaks down and eliminates the sources of body odor.
Of course, as we watch Alison Murray's deeply felt freakout ``Mouth to Mouth'' unfold, we get the feeling that we're not so wild about Harry, and not just because his body odor practically radiates off the screen.
Shaving underarms removes hair that traps bacteria, eliminating stinky body odor," says New York-based dermatologist Dr.
Question: We have an employee who has a very bad body odor.
Body odor is created through the normal, ongoing process of bacterial activity breaking perspiration down into a volatile gas.
Keeping body odor at its most alluring makes sense, they say, for males that fan their fragrance in daily displays for up to eight females.