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Use of proper body mechanics can reduce excessive fatigue, muscle strains or tears, skeletal injuries, injury to patients, and injury to staff members who may be assisting you.
The New Zealand Patient Handling Guidelines (2003) are more conservative in their approach; with their emphasis upon patient participation, correct body mechanics, and additional assistance--using, for example, more helpers and assistive devices, they make an interesting contrast to the text provided by Minor and Minor.
Program: Injury prevention and applied body mechanics with Thomas Garger, ergonomic consultant and exercise therapist.
From eating appropriately for knee health and using nutritional supplements to considering body mechanics, posture correction and preventative knee exercises, osteopathic physician George Kessler covers all the bases.
Equipment training, policy training, and ergonomic body mechanics should all be covered in detail with all personnel who will be responsible for transferring or repositioning patients.
Arnot addresses body mechanics (the heel pounders, the bow-legged, the wearers of high heels) and how the way we walk affects joints.
Use good body mechanics when lifting or carrying, keeping your arms close to your body, and using your legs, not your back.
Focus on proper body mechanics during weightlifting.
Teach the client and the supervisor proper body mechanics and how to improve working posture to reduce possible injury.
Typically, to address this, facilities have purchased some kind of patient handling equipment and have tried body mechanics training, but injuries and worker's compensation costs continue to rise.
He said: "I've worked very hard on running between the wickets and on my body mechanics.
Their weak back is usually the result of a sedentary lifestyle and poor body mechanics, which have contributed to weak muscles.
They are the result of something as simple as chronic poor posture combined with faulty body mechanics such as bending at the waist, instead of at the knees, to pick up a pencil.
Motion analysis technology allows analysis of body mechanics and detection of the slightest musculoskeletal deviations; and
Use of these light and flexible hand weights in the Flex Trek program allows for increased awareness of proper upper body mechanics, which improves posture and alignment.